The Disappeared

I cannot truly express my grief, my anger, my confusion and the sense of deep despair – that yet again there has been more murders of prostituted women.

I cannot bear how bodies have piled up in my small lifespan, and that in every century, every country, every culture – bodies of prostituted women and girls are allowed to pile up. And little or nothing is done to stop the sex trade.

I demand louder that we must end this trade in women and girls, not tinker round the edges.

One death of prostituted woman or girl is one too many – but they are dying and disappearing in their millions.

The sex trade is a genocide of those women and girls, but with replaceable prostituted women and girls.

I hold in the sickness in my stomach, every death or disappearance that I know of – and the deeper grief is the many prostituted women and girls that are gone and hidden from our view.

Most prostituted women and girls that are murdered, are made to disappear – are not reported even in the middle pages of the local press.

In life, too many have decided that these women and girls were trash, were happy hookers, were just outsiders – any excuse to not see them as full humans.

So, if they die, if they are murdered, why should society care.

Why not take the easy road and say they brought their deaths onto themselves – hell, no-one has to be a prostitute. It just a risk of their job.

This is said of most prostituted women and girls.

If she is addicted to drugs, if she is a street-based prostitute – then she is just trash. She knew it was dangerous and keep going back into that world – what did she expect.

The answer seems simple – keep prostituted women indoors, have legal brothels, that will mean they are safer.

Well, I speak as someone who mostly did indoors prostitution – there is nothing safe about indoors prostitution.

Prostituted women and girls disappear from indoors prostitution all the time, in every country, and always it is made invisible – so business continue as usual.

Indoors prostitution is extremely dangerous, but like the veneer of being glamorous and caring to the prostituted women and girls.

Indoors prostitution is usually control by managers whose bottom line is profit – which means going for the market of supplying sadistic sex, or edgy sex.

If the john kills the prostitute, well these things happen. That can be kept in-house, no media interference, no messy police investigation.

She is just gone, she was never there – and there are plenty more where she came from.

I live in a world where women and girls disappeared.

I could not let that in at the time – I was just surviving by being too dead to care.

How could I care when all the time I knew I would be made to disappear at any time.

How could care when to know they were more than likely dead – may have been murdered – would have pushed me into madness.

But it so hard to forgive myself for not caring, for having partly stayed alive by my selfishness.

Now, I grieve for those women and girls in every word I write or speak, they are the ghosts who remind to fight harder, when despair grabs my heart.

I want a world where no woman or girl can be brought and sold just for the male orgasm.

It is the men who decide to be violence to prostituted women and girls.

It is never the fault of the prostituted woman or girl.

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