A Message to Men Who Say They are Anti-Sex Trade

This is a highly personal and may be quite emotive message to men who speak often of being on my side.

I want you to use more than just words, you have the power to act to make real change with men to stop the constant buying and selling of women and girls.

It is not good enough to speak, however loud, of how dreadful the sex trade is – without action women and girls will continue to be destroy – even as you may feel good that you are a feminist man.

I am sick and tired of hearing men telling me they would never use the sex trade – but feel powerless to prevent other men uses it.

That is crap.

Hell, I know the power of words can prevent some men using the sex trade – words that show the conditions that women and girls are existing in; words to say it is a stupid, pathetic, sadistic, scum of a man that makes the choice to use the sex trade; words that makes those men outcasts.

I have seen my words have that power with some men, and I don’t even aimed my words at men.

I want men to confront other men.

Stop making excuses, if you consider to be a feminist, if you consider that you care about human rights – if you have a god-damned conscience.

Don’t give me it is embarrassing, you may be laugh at, you will be excluded.

Those are pathetic excuses – remember as you stay silent, women and girls are being sexually tortured, women and girls are being raped to almost dead, women and girls are getting murdered or committing suicide.

If you are in a group of men egging each on about going to a strip club, having a lap dance, going to a brothel or picking up some whore.

Don’t just sit there, don’t join in – fucking do something anything that may make them uncomfortable.

The less you can do is to walk away – instead being one of the lads.

You could say it not funny – you don’t have explain, just plant a seed of doubt in their heads.

Don’t laugh as they joke of what they want to do to the whores.

But really, not much will happen to you, if you confront them about choosing to want to make a woman or girl sub-human.

You may be laugh at, they may discard you from the group, they may swear at you, they may be aggressive – or they may just shut up.

But you are not going to torture, you are not going to be raped, you will not going to be murdered.

Maybe you may prevent a few men from doing that to women and girls in the sex trade.

I do not care if it will be embarrassing to you.

What I resented as prostituted woman, was the amount of johns who fuck me, but spoke on and on and on about how they felt bad about what were doing.

These men, often in public, made claims to anti-sex trade.

These were men from the right, who felt they doing some kind moral sin.

Sorry I always get that wrong – that I the whore was forcing them to do everything that they knew was wrong.

These johns were often extremely violent as they raped and beat the sin that was in the room.

These men would speak in the public arena of how prostitution was destroying the family, was corrupting the goodness of the male, was the major factor for why mankind was on the road to destruction.

Wow – I never knew I had that much power.

These men raped the power out of me, they torture the power out of me and then told I made them do that.

There was the johns who were leftists.

These men would make up that I was happy.

They chose to ignore my cuts and bruises, they chose to ignore I was under-aged, they chose to ignore that managers were controlling me, they chose to ignore my dead eyes.

No, all that matters to them is the moment I am with them.

They are respectful – full of respect as they make me into a porn-toy. Respect as they decide I enjoy pain, that whores don’t get humiliated. God-damned respect as I am a dead body they can fuck any time.

They honour the whore – they make her a sex worker, a goddess, a warrior spirit, an outsider, a rebel – any image where they can pretend she is controlling them.

Mustn’t see that is nonsense.

He is in complete command, she has no power. He owns her – it is sexual slavery.

What the fuck is left-wing about that.

So make her a cartoon whore – then don’t see her pain, her terror, her deadness, her knowledge she may not live long – the cartoon will be happy in your mind.

I hated left-wing johns – I often wanted to kill the bastards.

So if speak of being anti-sex trade in public – then use it thinking no-one will know.

Remember whores remember – and they hate you more than you could ever imagine.

It is amazing how few women and girls are violent to the johns – especially as we have to listen to their lies and excuses all the time, especially as we are used as fuckable goods, especially as we are bashed to inch of our lives just for fun, especially as most whores know of women and girls who have gone missing knowing johns have murdered them.

You men don’t know how lucky you are.

I wanted to be calm in this post – but that is impossible.

Impossible when I carry all the sexual torture men put in me, impossible as every rape is shadowing me, impossible as every hateful words and language is a broken record in my mind.

How can be calm that men act as if the sex trade is no big deal – certainly not a human rights issue.

I cannot be calm – as men throw away a whole class of women and girls.

So if you are a man and claim to anti-sex trade place as a vital human rights issues.

And see women and girls in the sex trade as full humans.

That would a damned good start.