The Child Becomes the Woman

There is always a huge concern about under-aged prostitution.

This is terrible – but it become a way of making adult women in prostitution invisible. It forgets that the majority of prostituted women came into the sex trade when they are under-aged.

What I don’t get – what I will never understand – is why at 16 to 18, does that child victim suddenly becomes an adult who has freely chosen to be a whore.

Please see that adult woman, and know that to survive she had to murder that child.

She could not have her ability to trust – that was smashed out by continual violence, by being brought and sold as goods, by being made a porn-toy.

If she had a small piece of innocence left – many years of being raped killed that, being a role to suit endless rapists destroy that.

Then all she has left is to say loud and clear that she is happy as a whore, it is her life now.

It is all that she knows.

It may have been all she has known since being the child. And the child will become the woman.

Do be concern about under-aged prostitutes – do work very hard to prevent as many as possible becoming adult prostitutes.

But do not close your conscience when you face with adult prostitutes.

See and hear have lost their essence through the constant violence and degradation that is named prostitution.

Remember always the average age of entering prostitution is 12 to 14. Know most are trapped inside the sex trade until they are adults.

That is many years of rapes.

That is many years of hateful language.

That is many years of life and death games.

That is many years of prostitutes disappearing through suicide or murder.

That is many years of drinking, self-harming, taking drugs, or other means of somehow surviving.

That is many years of being told you choose this life, so whatever happens is your own fault.

The only way to survive and with great luck exit – is to deaden the child and act the happy adult whore.

Cry for child prostitutes – but weep harder that far too many become whores without hope as adults.

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