Blondie May the Only Cure

So this is the first day of Con/Lib government, without any women in leading positions – so I would imagine there be little or nothing done to improve the lives of prostituted women and girls.

I had little hope in Labour, but at least they slowly were being pushed in viewing it as a human rights issue.

Personally, it is very difficult for me not to be cynical about all male MPs, for prostitution is always for the benefit of men.

Male MPs do use and abuse prostituted women and girls – and usually find ways to justify their actions.

Male MPs on all sides will use escort services – why else would they try to keep the public focus on the dangers of street-based work.

MPs want the public to think indoors prostitution is safe, it is clean and best of all it can and will control by government – that is they will milk taxes from it.

Now here come the cynic.

Could this be that MPs can afford to buy indoors prostitution. They know that there is violence, they know it is about degrading the prostitute, they know there is internal and external prostitution, they know there are under-aged prostitutes.

If a male MP make the choice to use indoors prostitution, he know will make the choice to say it all fine and dandy – hell, his sexual relief is far more important than the prostitute’s safety and dignity.

Do not let any male MP off the hook, until he proves he views prostitution as a human rights issue.

Meanwhile, at least under Conservative music may get angry again and satire will rise up again.

I will listen to punk, ska and of course Blondie.

Blondie lit some very scary years for me –  so she is my cure.

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