Do Not Call It Work

Today is International Worker’s Day, and it is a day that yet again I am stirred to state as clear as I can that prostitution is not work.

It not just another dirty job, it is not labour that must be done by someone, it is not an exchange between two equal adults.

It is none of them, it is a violation of human rights, it is often a form of slavery, it is the ultimate degradation of women and girls.

Yes, I have written and said this for many years, yes, the voices of whores have said this for centuries – but the Left, much of feminism, those who claimed to care for human rights and the liberals make the choice to go deaf to our voices.

Instead they build a myth around prostitution, and seek desperately for whores to fit into their world view. In this view, prostitution becomes chosen work, with some  illegal stuff going on but the sex trade will control that.

That is a deep and dangerous insult to the vast majority of prostituted women and girls, for it helps to the everyday violence that is their reality is invisible.

Tell this is a normal job, a job where there protection, where pay is reasonable, where the voice of the “worker” has any importance.

Not when in this “job” the john can pay to rape, pay to batter, pay to get away with murder.

He pays for that, not because he see her as a worker, but as his property to use as he desires.

He owns her body and soul – that is akin to slavery. That is not work.

A worker should be entitled to some degree of safety.

Not the prostitute.

She cannot be raped – when that is considered to her job. It is her job to put up with each and every porn fantasy the profiteers and johns want her to be.

This is placed close to death just so money is taken off her pain and terror. This is to be used in every hole in her body, even holes she had no idea she had. This is in events where words, emotions and hope is taken from her.

How can that framed as work.

A worker should have a voice that is heard.

The prostitute does not have that privilege.

The sex trade does wants the prostitute to have a voice, that may means she would viewed as a full human beings – not as goods to be used and abused, to be fucked and then thrown away.

The voice of the prostitute must be the language of johns and the profiteers of the sex trade.

Her voice must say she is happy, she is empowered, that she controls the johns, that if there is violence she enjoys it, that she is sex mad, that she has different morals, feel pain less, that she only lives to be fucked.

If you choose to believe those are her real words, then you also have brought into the brainwashing of the sex trade.

These are words that help the prostitute survive a world of terror and without much future. These words are parroted from a place of deadness.

Why do you choose to take these words on face value.

Most women that are battered by their partners will say they still love them – would you take on face value. Many people who have long-term kidnapping will speak kind words of their experiences – do you take that on face value.

But then they can viewed as victims, pure and simple.

The prostitute is not given that privilege.

She is viewed as the manipulator, the woman who has a different moral compass, the liar, the woman who love fucking dangerously and afraid to say that in public, she is the carrier of male secrets.

Darn, I never knew as I was being raped, battered and on the edge of death – that I had all that responsibility.

The prostitute has no voice – but she is made into a myth.

That is not work.

A sick joke that is connected to prostitution and work, is that is a good way for women to get money.

That is rubbish. Most prostituted women and girls make little or no money, and those who are paid lots often pay a heavy price for that.

The sex trade is a terrible employer on every level. One is the common practice of stealing or getting a huge percentage of any money the prostitute earns. Taking the minimum of 80% of her earnings is normal.

It is normal for johns to pay as little as they can for whatever they can get away with. It is part of the fun, to battered or rape her in deep shock or unconscious, then there no need to pay the whore.

Hell, a major reason that prostituted women and girls are murdered is so the cheapskates johns do not have to pay.

Prostituted women are paid extras to do dangerous, life-threatening sexual acts. She cannot say no, she is property.

Escorting is often well paid – but it is being put alone with a john who is given permission to be as violent as he desires, to keep as long as his money lasts.

Escorting is to be imprisoned, to be his personal sex toy – escorts learn to be silent about the violence and degradation, for society wants and needs to believe in the happy hooker.

Do not call that work.

So happy International Worker’s Day – but remember never to say “sex work” again.

One response to “Do Not Call It Work

  1. Thank you so much. This had come up in some spaces I inhabit, among allies, and you’ve given me yet again the strength to persist in arguing for honoring terminology — ‘prostituted women and girls’ and ‘the sex trade.’


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