Somebody’s Daughter

For the next three nights BBC 1 is showing a drama about the lives of the prostituted women murdered in Ipswich, “Five Daughters”. From the reviews, it appears to be a very respectful programme – especially as it the murderer is of little importance, rather the focus is on the women and their families.

The title – Five Daughters – reminds us that all prostituted women and girls are someone’s daughter, may be a sister, may have friends, may be a cousin, an aunt, working in other jobs.

Most prostitutes are ordinary women who have just had too much go wrong in their lives.

I am sick and tired – if not exhausted – that when prostituted women and girls are brutalised, when they continually raped, when their minds are destroyed by the endless degradation and violence, when they are murdered, they not seen as women and girls just the label prostitute.

This shows the success of the propaganda of the sex trade, that these women and girls are nothing but goods to be used and thrown away.

They can never be viewed as humans with rights, humans with emotions, humans who know pain, humans who can know joy, humans who are trapped, humans who know humiliation, humans who know it is a matter of life and death.

They count – they count so much all that is left for me is to keep screaming for them.

Let’s me speak of a few friends who I knew.

Friends who thought escorting was the safe way to be prostituted – only to be smashed into walls, to be raped in every hole. They had to smile, to say it was good.

They were somebody’s daughter.

Friends who worked the streets in constant fear that a john would use her a dustbin. Often not paid, but instead thrown out of moving cars, who beaten so money is the less of their problems.

They were somebody’s daughter.

Yes, you will read or hear of brutalised prostituted women and girls all the time.

It is too common to be consider news, only a serial killer is reported.

But see the common violence on typical English city.

Prostituted women and girls are raped on an industrial scale in flats, in brothels and in private parties.

They are somebody’s daughter.

Prostituted women and girls on the streets are always at risk of battery, rape and murder.

They are somebody’s daughter.

Women working in saunas are expected to accept violent sex without question.

They are somebody’s daughter.

There is a market for under-aged prostitutes who will accept any sexual torture and humiliation.

They are somebody’s daughter.

Women in clubs are touched up, are made to do sexual services for special customers, are stalked.

They are somebody’s daughter.

Those women on porn being raped, degraded and made into nothing.

They are somebody’s daughter.

All those prostituted women and girls murdered and made into nothing but the dead prostitute.

They are somebody’s daughter.

So, if you can watch the programme, but keep in your hearts all prostituted women and girls that the sex trade has destroyed.

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