The Money-Makers

Prostitution only works if it makes a huge profit, it not a charity, it is not a leisure experience, it is not about sex. It is to make money and to destroy those who are prostituted.

What makes me sick is that the profiteers are made invisible, or placed into a myth.

Lets look carefully at the stereotype of the pimp.

In the movies, on TV and in pop music he easy to find. He is usually wearing bling, often has a stable of prostitutes that he treats as dirt, he is respected or feared by other men.

Hell, the pimp is a man’s man, a hero of urban life, he does what other men dream collects and throws away women and girls – always making tons of money.

Only the pimp is a myth for the vast majority of prostituted women and girls. For most the profiteers are invisible – but always poisoning their lives.

A more common way that many young girls are driven into prostitution is persuasion by people they thought they could trust.

Many young girls are groomed by young men who play the role of the boyfriend. They are attracted by placing the girl as the centre of their attention, buying her presents, speaking of love, protecting her – all to trap her.

Most of the young girls have lived lives without love, without affection, without any sense of who they are. These girls are ideal prey for the sex trade.

But then so are the young men doing the grooming. They are manipulated and used by the sex trade. They are just viewed as recruiters, by the sex trade as disposable rubbish.

Many of these young men have not known love, had no stable background, are viewed as trash by all round them – for them being a “pimp” is one way to have a role that bigs them up.

But if you follow the money, you will find these young men never make it big, no the vast of the money goes to profiteers in the sex trade who never do any of the dirty work.

These are men who view themselves as legitimate businessmen, club owners, publishers, film producers, brothel owners.

They need a constant flow of prostituted women and girls, they need soldiers to recruit them – but what they don’t need is their name is associated with all the messy side of prostitute.

These are the men that every time a john fuck a prostitute, they are grabbing a profit; every time someone wanks to porn on a computer, they are grabbing a profit; every time you use phone sex, they are grabbing a profit; and every sex tourist is feeding their greed.

I hear endlessly about being a moral shopper – but for some reason prostitution is treated as if it just some individual leisure event, just giving money to an individual prostitute, so that makes some kind of way of empowering her.

That is utter bullshit, and goddamn justification for the unacceptable.

The money rarely goes to the prostituted women and girls – and often if they do make a profit, it in order to totally owned by the sex trade and johns.

Making money in prostitution can means losing all rights.

Money means all mental, sexual and physical torture is made invisible – for money means she wants it, and anyhow as the sex trade claims she is just goods, and not to perform would robbing the john.

Money means she has no right to be human, she is holes and hands, she is goods to move into whatever aspect of the sex trade makes the larger profit – she will use until she is wore out or her manager grows bore of her.

Being a prostitute is learning to be nothing.

I sorry if this post is very muddled, my thought are full of fear and confusion when I try to confront the money-makers.

I want you to hate the Larry Flints, the Hugh Heffers of the sex trade – they have made themselves the acceptable face of the sex trade, they achieve so much by creating themselves as cult heroes.

They are destroying millions of women and girls, and always keeping their hands clean.

Just know that the sex trade is making billions and billions – so much money that my mind explodes even thinking of it.

It is often claimed that it is the second most profitable business behind the arms trade.

A business that includes torture, rape, kidnapping, under-aged sex, brainwashing, murder, giving severe STDs, destroying economies, telling that all women are sex objects to be endlessly used by men, and destroying the ability of those prostituted to be full humans.

It is a business that only reason to exist is for greed, to spread hate into the world, to promote degradation of women and girls, to separate sex from real human contact.

It is not a business that should allow to exist – not with all that destruction and hate.

Those who profit are seeth in the blood and dead bodies of generations of prostituted women and girls.

They are mass murderers.

3 responses to “The Money-Makers

  1. It makes me feel sick how much these evil men are worshipped and revered. Sooner or later they wil have to start answering for the evil they are bringing into the world.


  2. Brilliant post. The left wing are particularly stupid on this – with the arms trade they immediately ask who is making a profit, as they should. With the ‘sex’ trade, they wrap it all up in a nice little pretty bundle of choice and nonjudgementalness. Never mind who is making a profit, so long as we can believe that the person on the receiving end of the violence ‘consents’, has ‘chosen’. Despicable.

    we judge those who by bombs. let us judge those who buy women.

    I say this as a left-winger and feminist.
    You can’t care about women’s rights if you don’t care about this. Feminism requires abolition of prostitution. There is no other way.


  3. exccellent post, very informative. I poncer why the othdr specialists of this sector do
    not undersfand this. You must continue your writing. I’m
    sure, you’ve a great readers’ base already!


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