I Can Dream

These are a few things that I dream of, in no particular order – but all could happen if we try pushing hard enough.

I dream of a world where no girl is so desperate for love, affection, human touch, some kind of contact – that she is made to believe her only worth is whether she is fuckable or not.

I dream of a world where pimping is not slang, see as cool, a joke, some urban music culture – where pimping is viewed as not just negative, but murdering of women and girls, and killing the souls of too many men.

I dream of a world where exited prostituted women are recognised as having massive amounts of traumas. They are not moody, they cannot just get over it, not exaggerating or making a fuss.

I dream of a world with specialist treatment for women who manage to exit prostitution. Not leaving gaps shutting women coz they are not on an addiction, not believing if it not connected to poverty, not open to women who work indoors.

I dream of a world that help could be long-term – not for six months and everything is fitted. Maybe it may be years, maybe a few months, god, maybe the damage is embedded for a lifetime.

I dream of a world where every man who makes the choice to buy “sexual services” through prostitution, phone sex, porn, lap-dancing, escorting, sexual tourism and on and on and on – that all those men are made into criminals. No more excuses, no more sob stories, no more I treated her alright, no this is not really that bad is it.

I dream of a world where the harms of prostitution are embedded in TV dramas, on films, in pop songs. Let popular culture know the industrial raping, know the continual battering. Let’s have songs, TV dramas and books speaking the lives of the too many murdered prostituted women and girls.

I dream of a world where every city, every village, every truck stop, every hotel has a memorial to the missing and dead prostituted women and girls that were not even allowed to have a name. Let’s build statures to say they mattered so much.

I dream of a world where every women and girl who is brought and sold for men to gain huge profits and or get their orgasm is viewed as a full human being. She is not goods, she is not a cunt, she is not an anus, she is not an open mouth, she is not living porn, she not hands to rub and fuck with – she is not goods to be transported and manipulated.

I dream of a world where no woman or girl is trafficked just for men’s endless fucking. Not moved from country to country, not moved from city to city, not moved from one aspect of the sex trade to another. She is a full human being, she has the human right to never be trafficked ever.

I dream of a world where prostituted women are heard. Heard as they speak in a clear of how planned male violence is. Heard as they say of the inner strength and power that made them survived a world of hate, extreme violence, endless sexual torturing, being nothing but roles and degradation. Hear and learn.

All this I dream – and so much more.

Make it real – and make the lives of all prostituted women and girls count.

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