Being in a Family

This weekend I spent with my Dad’s family and his closest friends.

I had a family there, I had a solid centre to my being.

I found my strength that kept me going in some of hell of my past.

I belong inside a family that I can be proud to be a member of. This is no small thing after years of not knowing I could belong.

It is no small thing, no – it is massive, by christ it saved my life and my mentality.

I thank god over and over again that I had the privilege to be inside my father’s family.

I was at Dad and my stepmum’s memorial service down in North Cornwall.

The atmosphere was relaxed but organised.

There was crying, laughter, silence, partying, people from 2 months old to late 80’s.

We spent loads of time on the beaches, had a very moving service in St Merryn churchyard, went to a pub lunch, had an evening of memories in the church hall.

It was wonderful.

My family drink, talk, give each other space, go for drives, read, gossip, eat, laugh, smoke, bird-watch, go for walk, play ultimate Frisbee, built sand castles, eats sandy sandwiches, cry, look at photos, surf, climb cliffs, have Cornish ice-creams – my family just be with each other.

That gives an inner peace that can carried into the power of this blog.

I am not isolated.

One response to “Being in a Family

  1. I am so glad you had this experience of connection and love with that part of your family, Rebecca!

    What you describe is, I think, rare and beautiful. I’m glad the family was together for this double memorial service.

    ❤ Julian


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