Why I Need To Fight For Abolition

I have become more and more pro-abolition, the more I come to the terms with the damage that the sex trade does.

Here I will place some of my major reasons that I cannot tinker round with the sex trade. Not whilst millions of girls and women are being destroyed by it.

I am pro-abolition because I am feminist.

As a feminist, I cannot and will not allow a whole class of women and girls be wasted.

As a feminist, I will not allow a whole class of women and girls be made into a fuck-toy.

Any women who named herself a feminist and thinks that is unimportant, or that for some reason prostituted women and girls don’t mind – they choose it don’t they – should think very carefully what is their definition of being a feminist.

It cannot be throwing women and girls under the train.

Feminism need to listen and learn from the voices of exited prostituted women, not to continually go to academia, and to meetings without their voices – the voices of exited prostituted should have a place of honour in feminism, not be a footnote that is sometimes remembered.

I am pro-abolition because prostitution is violence against women and girls.

It is more than violence – it is mental torture, it is sexual torture, it is physical torture, is the stripping away of all basic human rights, it is “games” with life and death, it is industrial rape, it is being made sub-human.

All women who are fighting against violence against women must and have to listen and learn from the voices of prostitutes who have survived that violence, and with huge strength, will and courage manage to speak out about it.

If we are serious about tackling violence against women and girls, then hear what the whore knows.

Hear that men pre-planned and often organise what appears to random sexual violence.

Nearly all violence done to prostituted women and girls is pre-planned. Hell, once a man decide he has the right to buy a woman or girl, his brain is hot-wired into porn scenarios.

I am pro-abolition, because I cannot disconnect prostitution from all aspects of the sex trade.

Prostitution is not in some romantic bubble, is deeply interconnected to porn, to trafficking, to under-aged sex, to other criminal connections, to the endless objectification of all women and girls, to women and girls having no sexual independence.

Why else would the sex trade have such strong propaganda to attract feminists and the left.

Why else would the sex trade go on and on about how safe prostitution, how it just a great career choice, that is of course it has nothing to do with porn or the nasty side of the sex trade.

Why else would they argue that if there is trafficking or under-aged sex, it is dealt with in-house, or of course johns out the goodness of their hearts will report it. It cannot be that there is a gigantic market and huge profit from forced prostitution in every aspect of the sex trade.

Prostitution is never sexual liberation, not when you are owned by any john, who is entitled to do whatever he wants, regardless of your safety. Where the hell is the freedom in that.

Name it slavery, just to be honest.

One of the major reasons that I am pro-abolition is because I live on a daily basis with the damage that the sex trade did to me.

But more, I know too many wonderful, strong and highly courageous women who live every day with the trauma forced into their bodies and minds by the sex trade.

And like most women who manage to exit, I know deep inside my heart there are women and girls who had so much to give the world who did not survive.

The sex trade is a system that built on that many of the prostituted women and girls will commit suicide, will lose their mental health, will get so ill from STDs they cannot continue, will have parts of their body wrecked by the violence, will become addicted to drugs, will be the living dead – and of course will murdered by johns or profiteers.

And some people dare to call that “sex work”. I have no words for that, except look exited prostituted women in the eye and make that this damage is just the risk of the “job”.

But, usually when speaking of “sex work”, exited prostituted women are excluded from the discussion, they are too full of rage, have too much pain, too much raw grief  – they are too bloody real.

It is so much easier to be academic, and speak how you know that prostitution would be made safe with unions and seeing it as some kind of business exchange.

Tidy away the violence, don’t see the millions of dead bodies, refuse to know the hate and contempt that the sex trade has for the goods – never given permission to be real women and girls.

That is too inconvenient, in the world that wants prostitution to go on as normal.

Well, sorry exited prostituted women are not going to shut up or be shut down.

Many of us have known terror and been so close to death, that now our trauma, pain, grief and confusion are a way of pushes us forward back into life.

We speak out that we want abolition, for we know that the sex trade is killing women and girls every second of every day.

Killing on the literal sense – but mainly killing them making them sub-human, and a fuck-toy that makes a huge profits for the sex trade.

If you don’t want abolition, then give a damned good reason why.

I have yet to be convinced.

8 responses to “Why I Need To Fight For Abolition

  1. This is powerful stuff, Rebecca. Every man should be made to read your blog and any woman who believes in the Belle du Jour story.


  2. Thank you. Slavery in all forms must end. And all forms of systematised harm, trauma, violation, subjugation, domination, and exploitation of women and girls must end.


  3. thanks for this post. I think your voice in a hugely important one in the debate about prostitution as well as in contemporary feminism. And please know that not all academics are pro sex work. I for one, am not.

    Keep going, stay strong, your voice is being heard.

    ps, I hope you don’t mind, but I linked to this post in a mumsnet discussion about feminism and sex work here


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