Thoughts on Internal Sex Trafficking

I have been having some personal thoughts about why internal sex trafficking is made invisible, why “trafficking” has come to be just an extreme imprisonment of women forced from one country to another.

That happens on a scale which is far too big, but it is not the whole of trafficking. It is just the trafficking that the media and some of the left are prepared to acknowledge.

But, if we are to be serious about the sex trade and its constant flow of women and girls they will abuse, we must look directly into the whole of sex trafficking.

We must see internal sex trafficking in its many forms.

There is the trafficking within the sex trade. This involves moving women and girls round different aspects of the sex trade.

I was moved from working in clubs that provided under-aged prostitutes for sadistic johns, to being “girlfriend material” as I too old for that. I did occasional street work. I was labeled escort, prostitute, or just doing extras.

That is normal in prostitution.

For the individual prostituted woman or girl, there may no awareness of how she is being manipulated, and how much money is being made off her.

She is kept constantly confused, made to feel she just unlucky, that it just her choice to go into all these dangerous scenarios.

The sex trade uses internal sex trafficking to undermine her sanity, and to keep complete control over body and mind.

One form of internal sex trafficking is using young men to recruit young girls into prostitution.

This is usually done by grooming her by acting the boyfriend, giving her full attention, making her special.

Many of the girls that groomed this way come from background without love.

Not knowing what love and security is, these girls are easy to manipulate. They long so much for someone to care for, so even if their guts are saying – you are in danger – they will ignore that for a show of love.

They are easy picking for the sex trade.

They will ideal for prostitution.

For without real love, you learn far early to deaden emotions, to ignore pain – to act as nothing much matters.

Coz why the hell should anything matter, when most of these girls assume they will dead soon.

So,when these girls are recruited into prostitution, whether on the streets or indoors, they can place with the most vicious and callous johns. For they have no rights to safety, no right to dignity, no rights to having a voice – they are nothing but disposable goods to be fucked.

Most prostitutes enter before they are 16, and a majority comes from backgrounds where they have not know real love, so cannot know they their true worth.

All they know is self-hate, how can know anything else.

This is the foundation of the sex trade – that is why I am not afraid to call it an evil trade.

That is a start to what I could write about internal sex trade – it all I will for now, as it very distressing for me.

I know it in my heart, my guts, my buried tears, my continual pains in my body – I bloody know what it is to be internally sex trafficked.

We must face this evil, and fight to rid the world of it.

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