Good Friday

I may not go to church very often, I may be confused by my own spirituality – but Good Friday is deep in heart and essence.

It is a time we name human evil and face it head-on. It is time where despair is not run away from. It a time when silent screaming is given a voice.

It is time my teenage soul can understand – a time that the whore can find tears, she can shake with despair and hidden rage.

For, let’s the vast majority of the sex trade is built and cemented with the evil of men.

What else is a trade that allows rape to become invisible and called a business exchange, a mutual exchange of equals.

What else is a trade that controls and dominate its “workers” by keeping close away from the world outside – in case they may get a clue they are being exploited.

What else is a trade that recruits from women and girls who are damaged by previous sexual violence, recruit amongst women and girls living inside poverty, recruit by lying about what their work will involve, recruit amongst women and girls who have had no love in their lives – recruits mainly amongst women and girls who are their most desperate and unable to have self-love.

What else do you call a trade that is founded on the extreme violence to control its constant supply of goods, goods that will dispose through mental illness, getting worn out with injuries and maybe diseases, and often made to disappear.

I call that the face of evil.

That is the true face of the profiteers of the sex trade – that is what every john is giving money to support.

I do not care if he thinks he is gentle, I do not care if is fooling himself to believe that his whore is empowered and properly manipulating him, I do not care for he is a large part of the evil.

It is nothing to do morals, it simple choice of respecting her human rights.

After all, the sex trade spends all it money, energy and lying showing that she is not a human.

She is just a cunt, a mouth, an anus, some hands. They are not connected to each other – just object any john can use and abuse until he has reach his porn fantasy.

She is nothing but that porn dream, so she cannot have feelings, she will never feel pain and cannot ever be in real danger.

In porn, he has the power to make her do whatever normal woman would find disgusting or life-threatening.

In porn, he is the master and by logic she is the slave.

Sorry, that is evil.

So this Good Friday, look straight into this evil – and grieve the stealing of prostituted women and girls having their hopes, their essence and their ability to be fully human.

Use that grief to demand a revolution.

A revolution where no man can buy a woman or girl just for his living porn dream.

A revolution where  the profiteers have the fear of long-term imprisonment, or their real terror lose of their money-making.

I know that a long way away

But every Good Friday I weep to bring it nearer.

One response to “Good Friday

  1. Thanks to you Rebecca and all the hard work you have done that revolution has started and is getting nearer by the minute. One day no man will ever be able to buy a woman.


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