Don’t Take My Word

All around me, I surrounded by the debate whether prostitution is a free choice for women.

I will speak from now and say mainly never – I speak from my prostituted self, and say of course I chose it.

So which of my words would you decide was the truth.

I would say they were both true.

Truth is only spoken from what you know, what is surrounding you, and who is saying to you – This is true.

Choice in prostitution is a red herring. It is political tool to not listen and hear the realities of whores – this is true of pro-prostitution lobbyists, feminists who make the choice to keep whores in the ultimate victim-role, hard-line Christians, leftist who need to have the empowered whores – and all others who on and on and on and on about choice.

Let me just say the concept of choice is so damned simplistic, so linear, so god-damned logical, that it refuses to fit the chaos that is the realities for the vast majority of prostituted women and girls.

I cannot understand how leftists, moralists, feminists etc can see most oppression is highly complex, that many of the oppressed will claim they are happy, that there is nothing wrong with their lives – but we do not take them at their word.

Step inside a sweat factory, see smiling children, see how effective the work is – do you accept that they are happy.

How many of you reading this would boycott or campaign against the conditions of sweat-shops.

But replace that sweat-shop with a brothel, with women not children.

See they will be smiling, they will say they enjoy their job, they may speak of empowerment and making a career of it.

Don’t see the lack of freedom, damned close to being imprisoned. That their hours just depends of the whim of the manager, who gets a massive cut of their pay.

Don’t see or hear that these women are continually raped, continually beaten up – oh, just re-name it rough sex or label it as extras.

Name it extras – and then we are back to that the prostituted woman make the choice to put herself in the line of danger – just coz she is greedy, doesn’t have a pain threshold, just loves kinky sex. Christ, she is so empowered.

After all, everyone knows the whore manipulate the john – she is sex-crazed, ain’t she.

Wow, I am always amazed how upside-down you lot make prostitution, in order to believe it must be a free choice.

It cannot be seen that the john can not rape, can not beat her up, can not use her as a living porn-toy. Hell, he can make the adult choice not to buy her for any reason.

If you go on and on and on and on about boycotting goods where there is proven abuse. You boycott countries, companies, certain foods – but never the sex trade.

Well, I say to every man who uses the sex trade, and campaign against abuse or for human/animal rights – you are a fucking hypocrite.

Of course, you will make yourself believe that the whore that you choose to fuck is there freely.

She cannot be trafficked whether internally or from another country. She enter prostitution when she was a grown woman. She has no pimp or manager. She would not allow any john to abuse her. She chooses each and every john with great care, for it a mutual respect thing. She is rich. She can leave at any time.

All this you know after getting your ego boosted and a quick fuck.

You know her past as well as her future.

She told you she was happy, she made it clear she was never forced.

So that’s ok then.

But, let’s be honest. Would you stop fucking her even if her eyes were dead, even if you saw injuries on her body, even if you have a gut reaction that men were trapping her.

Or would just hear words of how she loves sex, that you are different from the others.

Or would just think I can fuck any way I want, I can copy any porn I want – I am now her master.

Can you be that honest.

That if you are her master – it is no big leap that she is a slave.

I have done “empowerment” prostitution, that is I was paid tons, I was in flats or relatively nice hotel rooms, I was made to believe that these johns would respect me.

Would respect the whore – that was just a sick joke.

I was trapped in a room with johns who had the power and money to keep me until they were bored of me.

I had no rights, no language and certainly no power for what they did to my body and mind.

All I knew, was the major way I survived and made some sense of the hell I was in, was to force myself to believe it was my choice to be there.

How I could know how I was set up for every sadistic sexual fantasy those men paid the profiteers for. It was never just that I was very unlucky, that I went with the wrong men, that I was sick wanting violent sex.

It was always pre-planned, I was just goods that was passed round many sadistic men. I was never human, I was nothing but what they forced me to be.

How could know that, and still be sane, still stop myself from killing myself.

So I said loudly and in a clear voice – This is my choice.

I could cry now in floods of tears, how much I had to believe it was my choice.

So when you hear whores saying it is their choice – have some intelligence, not to take them at their word.

Look with care at the conditions she is working in  – look to see if you consider much it to be rape, assault, torture and mental abuse if it was not labeled prostitution.

Look to see if she has control over where she work, if she can say no to a john, if she is move around different aspects of the sex trade. Or is that all controlled by those who make huge profits out of making her a fuck-toy.

Look and see if she can leave without intimidation or with long-term trauma.

Then say it all just about choice.

One response to “Don’t Take My Word

  1. how i wish more pro-prostitution feminists would see your work… how could anyone read your blog and not rethink their position on this?


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