So Whores Control Men

One of the most damaging myth that whores have to live with  – is that whores manipulate and control johns.

It is a lovely myth for violent and hateful men, for whatever they choose to do to the whore is because she made him.

He had no control, he was a rag doll under her command.

There is only one word for this myth – bullshit.

But maybe I should the depth of why it is bullshit.

Let look at how the whole history of prostitution has been written down by johns, pimps and anyone else who wants to keep the sex trade.

It not a history that whores have a voice – only a voice that the whore is form to be happy, to never complain, to act with power.

It is the authentic voice of pimps and johns, not whores.

If you read of some past where whores had power.

Say inside Greek temples, in the corridors of Versailles, in Victorian brothels, in New Orleans red light district and 60’s & 70’s Soho.

Look closer at who is saying it was so brilliant, who saying it was freedom, who saying the women are in control.

Do you really think it was the whores talking.

If you do see the pain, the imprisonment and the lack of hope, that was in all those scenarios – then do you choose to believe it was coz whores didn’t mind, didn’t feel like you would.

Do you choose to believe the past is a foreign country – where whores ain’t really rape, don’t get murdered, don’t want more to their lives than being a fuck-toy.

Remember the sex trade writes the history of whores – so know it is well over 90% lies.

The history of whores is just another excuse to write “classy” porn.

It is a history where women and girls are fucking men in the thousands, often imprisoned, often battered, often stolen from everything that belong to them, often fucked until they lose who they are.

In history, this is written that the whores are smiling, having endless orgasms, always wanting dick down their throats, always up for anal sex, always willing to be “adventurous”.

It is history where the johns are taught, controlled, manipulated, mothered, made to fall in love with the whore.

It is a history where he is always innocent or just having fun, she is always close to evil and a controlling bitch.

That is not history – that is just porn.

This history is not dead – every day it is destroying prostituted women and girls.

The myth that the whore is in control is behind the myth she can never be raped, tortured or abused, that even her murder is her own fault.

Didn’t she force his ugly nature out, didn’t she allow him to get out of control.

How can he stop himself – he is far too weak.

So it is ok to rape, to batter, to torture, to degrade, to murder the whore.

She made me do it – it is her fault.

I refuse to count how many times I heard that.

As I lying close to death, unable to know where the pain was coming from, praying my injuries would not last long, worry if I was pregnant or not, scared to breathe in case I remember I was alive.

Then so often I heard –

Look what you made me do, you fucking whore.

You know you love didn’t you, you sexy slut.

I didn’t mean to hurt  you, you just bring out my badness.

These words have said to whores in all centuries, in all cultures, and always men have chosen to hide their violence behind pretending whores have the power.

Think of how always when men choose to mass-kill women, they know the whore is there to be killed, for he can say he just cleaning out the mess.

He is a hero if he kills whores, he is taking the power back.

We remember Jack the Ripper, we choose to make him an anti-hero – but the whores he destroyed are nobodies, but the occasional background noise.

We can never stop the violence that is commonplace to whores, until we see who really has the control.

First and foremost, the sex trade is built on the blood, terror and deaths of having an endless supply of whores.

Of course, a great way of recruiting more girls and women into the sex trade – in to paint a picture that is a fulfilling job, that is will earn the whore loads of money, it is empowering and will liberate from any painful past.

It is just sex with money – where’s the harm in that.

Those are lies the sex trade has always used, and will use as long as we choose to accept their word.

Their words are words of slave-owners, words of sadist, words where women and girls are viewed as goods never as humans.

Stop believing their crap.

Johns have always said they are controlled by whores, it justify that they treat her as sub-human.

Johns are always in control.

They choose to be with her, knowing that just by exchanging goods or money, he then can do whatever he wants to her.

He chooses whether to be violent or some kind of “nice” bloke.

He has the power to do whatever sexual act he likes, regardless of her safety, her dignity, and that she a human not an object to be fucked.

He chooses to toss her away when he has enough of her being his toy.

The john has complete control – no surprise he re-invent that she control him.

I believe in abolition of the sex trade – for it a system where no whore can ever be safe.

I tired of picking up the pieces after the destruction the sex trade does to whores.

Enough is bloody enough.

2 responses to “So Whores Control Men

  1. another excellent post. of course they want to say it’s the prostitutes in control because it means they took advantage of johns and their “sex addiction” which is what Tiger Woods and probably countless other men are telling their wives. I don’t know if Tiger paid for sex, but the women he was with were prostitutes and porn stars


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