This is Trafficking Too

Trafficking is narrow down to being between country to country, internal sex trafficking is made invisible.

Invisible that the sex trade thrives on the many variations of internal trafficking, that it is the foundation of its existence.

I want to look at some aspects, I would say what I know – and I know all I write is a tiny part of internal sex trafficking.

I write for the women and girls who are now trapped, the women who now have exited – but on a daily basis have trauma.

Mostly I write for the far too many women and girls who have no voice, for they have no life or their mind have closed it all down.

Internal sex trafficking is common.

One way is a “boyfriend” persuading a young girl or teenager, to help him out by doing paid sex.

Outwardly it may look like it an accident or just kids experimenting, but that is rarely true.

Why does the boyfriend knows there are men he can sell her to, why if it is an accident is so rarely an one-off event.

No, the girl will be expected to fuck strangers over and over and over, until she forget she had a life before.

Then she  is made a whore.

That is internal sex trafficking.

Internal sex trafficking is the common practice of moving whores round different aspects of the sex trade.

They are moved from lap-dancing to escorting, from working in brothels to street work, from massaging to phone sex and on and on and on.

The sex trade will do this disorient, to put the whores in physical, sexual and mental danger, to get as much money as they can from as few women or girls as they want to deal with.

There is no rest or safe place for the whore.

That is internal sex trafficking.

Internal sex trafficking is moving whores from London to Birmingham, from urban to rural, from street to street, from one flat in one part of town to another flat in the same town.

The whore loses where she is, she loses whether it is night or day, she loses count of how many men have gone through her.

The whores loses who is controlling her, she loses if she is alive or dead, she loses that she had any life outside being a fuck-object.

If she was not still breathing, she would know she was alive.

That is internal sex trafficking.

So, when you campaign against sex trafficking – include internal trafficking – don’t lose their lives, do not do the work of the sex trade.

Remember that internal sex trafficking is the majority of prostituted women and girls in most countries.

Remember that the sex trade wants you to believe there is no internal sex trafficking – that it always a free choice and only a small degree of violence and abuse.

Remember that it is very easy to trapped a woman or girl who has no love or proper human connection into the sex trade.

Remember that the whore is never the other – she is your neighbour, your best friend, your sister, your aunt, your mother, and by god she could be you.

Remember that the sex trade is lying to you.

See internal sex trafficking, for it killing millions of women and girls every minute of the day.

3 responses to “This is Trafficking Too

  1. REbecca – Your writing is so powerful. I would really like to use some lines from this in a written response to the proposed amendment in scotland to make the exploitation of women in prostitution, in all settings and contexts illegal. I would of course not to this without your expressed permission.


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