This is the Harm

I am so bored, so sickened, so unable to speak when I hear the refrain –

Porn is harm-free, it just a bit of fun.

Hell, it is harm-free if just a piece of film, a page in magazine, a computer image – if just five minutes of wanking then thrown away.

It can great fun if it earn you tons of money, and you cannot bother to get your hands dirty.

Porn is great for everyone who has no conscious, no ability to give a damn about other’s mental, physical and sexual safety.

Porn is great if you make the choice to view others as inferior, as goods that are disposable.

Porn is great if your view of women and girls is that they are nothing but holes to be fucked until they get wore out.

That is porn.

Porn is not something I can ever accept.

It is not sex, hell it as much to do with sex as an anteater is a London bus.

Sex should be about connecting, about finding respect, about discovering joy.

Sex is not just fucking, making another human into an object to be used and chuck out.

Porn is more than just making the woman or girl into a disposable fuck-object.

Porn is made of hate, contempt, a rage, some terror of all women, whether they are pinned into porn, or seen as the non-whores.

As a prostituted woman and girl, I know in every cell of my body and mind, what it was to be made into porn and to be thrown away.

After all, the porn trade has an endless supply of “actors” supplied by prostituted women and girls.

These whores know the harm – and always in every culture, every century, every country, they have attempted to speak only for their voices to be silenced.

Christ, whores know the harm.

They know they are cheap labour for porn wherever and whenever it occurred.

Whores are the images being fucked near to death on Greek and Roman “art” advertising brothels.

Whores are the women punished in Dante’s Inferno in deaths scenes, men will wank over to without guilt.

Whores are made to smile in every brothel in every culture. The Happy Hooker was invented inside porn wet-dreams.

Whores are the women destroyed by Marquis de Sade.

Whores are the prostitutes Victorians would fuck and underpay, knowing they were under-aged and or living in poverty.

Victorians fuck whores, so they could invent the good wife.

Whores were pinned into photo album, with no life worth bothering about outside their role for men to wank into.

All this is history, and are the dead whores, so their lives have no importance.

We choose to lie about the past porn.

We lie that it had dignity, we lie that it must have of  been women who just loved pain and sex, we lie that it give women some power.

We invent a history for whores, pretending they are not really like real women and girls – and we put them into a nice neat box, and feel good about ourselves.

But, I cannot see the history of whores and not see damage spreading all over it.

The history of whores is the history of their bodies being forced into porn.

See temples in ancient cultures, see women formed into goddesses or priest – and look more carefully.

Most temples were full of sex slaves, full of whores having to fuck men by their thousands until they looked old or were too ill to be fuckable.

Men re-named them as gods or priests or truth-sayers, so they could do sexual violence and think it would be invisible.

See courtesans – and see women and girls surviving by always being a fuck-doll for the rich.

Her survival is that she must always be inside his image of what is fuckable.

She is allowed to be intelligent as long as she has no ambition, as long she puts down her books or painting whenever he wants to fuck.

She must not grow old, the ideal courtesan dies when she is still sexy.

She has no friends or family, just exists on the money of men of power.

The sick joke that men invent about the courtesan is she that manipulates the men.

She is always just a whore who is their porn-dream.

She is always thrown away.

That is history, a history that all porn is embedded in.

We say that porn is violent now, that we live in a time that whores are degraded like no other time.

That is bullshit, for we refuse to know that whores have always been tortured and degraded, just so men can wank, profit and know how to rape without guilt.

Now, I believe porn is limited in what it can do to torture women and girl – the limit has always been murder and ripping apart their bodies.

What changes is the technology and how wide it can be spread.

The Ancient Greeks murdered, sexually tortured and brainwashed whores as much as they could in their known world.

Our limits now are that are that we have instance access to whores being raped, sexually torture, murdered and made to smile anywhere at any time.

There is a distancing now of the computer, through films or down a phone line.

Now, porn user and producer can be distance behind a camera or saying the image in some other country, it is not their responsibility.

But is that distance so new.

Did the readers of de Sade not pretend to themselves it was just fiction, that if was happening to real women and girls, could it matter as they were just throwaway whores.

Men have always made a class of women and girls named whore who are just supply for their porn.

Whores know nothing is new, just the language changes – always finding more ways to make their pain and terror disappear.

Everything that happened to whores in the past is happening to whores now and will happen in the future to whores.

Gang-rapes has always kept whores in lines.

When countries invades other countries, they often gang-rape, often select a whore-class to kidnap and supply their own brothels/temples.

As I was gang-raped, I was being taught how to be a whore.

Whores have always been trained into their role by being shown images of porn – let’s named it to images of torture, images of hate, images that forces out all hope.

Why else would Roman brothels shown porn on every wall, why else when I enter prostituton was I handed hard-core porn by so many men.

Whores have always been place into danger as men use them as living porn.

There is nothing new about gonzo porn, nothing new about every fashionable sadistic sex act men want.

Whores have always known that porn included murdering them – hell of course Jack the Ripper got his kicks murdering whores.

Whores have always known even in death their life is of no importance – even if they are murdered, their murderer will never be punished.

So there have always been harm on every level in porn for the whore.

It is her cunt that is ripped, cut at, spit into, stuffed until it cannot feel anything.

The whore has always been gang-raped, anally abused, fucked without protection, strangled, kidnapped, tortured with anything that is at hand.

The whore’s torture has always been wanked over, spread around men for their profit and ridicule.

The whore has never had rights to her own image, her own life, her right to be safe, her right to dignity. She is not a person, just something that is fucked or there to be wanked over.

All that has always been the ways men have invented the whore.

Well, we must break that the whore is made sub-human.

All whores are as human as you are.

Whore know pain, they bleed, they get STDs, they commit suicide, they had a life before they made a whore – this is true now and was always true.

Every time that you use porn, you are adding to the destruction of whores.

You are killing whores.

3 responses to “This is the Harm

  1. Powerful post as always Rebecca. But I think that most porn users don’t see the pain. They see people like Jenna Jameson or Jenna Haze(my ex’s fav star). People who seem genuinely happy to be in porn. And they may be happy but they certainly aren’t the majority. And I don’t think the minority of women in prostitution should be how they make decision for the majority. Most of these women are suffering and need help, not to be told to be a happy whore


  2. I don’t think Jenna Jameson is happy to be in porn. She was raped and gang-raped when she was a teenager and her ex-husband was her pimp. Smiling for the camera and saying she loves it in interviews isn’t happiness. She’s gone on record saying she doesn’t want her daughter to become a porn performer. She’s a woman whose choices were narrowed to virtually zero and then she was comprehensively exploited by a man who should have cared about her.

    Incredibly powerful post Rebecca. You speak it as it is. It’s so important that you are saying this. You destroy the illusions of porn and prostitution and reveal what is really there, a reality of sexual destruction and annihilation of women and girls. A reality that so many people refuse to acknowledge.


  3. rebecca, you are such a huge inspiration to me. i wish i had the courage to write about my own experiences more, but every time I do I can’t do anything that isn’t sitting and crying and deleting everything I wrote.

    Men will give anything to have their whores and beat them, eat them, defeat them and fuck them too. WHY can’t people see this?


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