I Will Celebrate When

Today is International Women’s Day.

This is dedicated to all women and girl trapped in the sex trade, dedicated to all women who exited the sex trade and are living with trauma.

This is dedicated to all people who fight to end the sex trade.


I will celebrate when incest is not the training ground and recruitment service for the sex trade.

I will celebrate when girls in care are not prey for the sex trade.

I will celebrate when boys say do this coz you love me.

I will celebrate when selling out your cunt is not seen as just a quite dangerous job.

I will celebrate when only one click on the computer is ripping apart women’s lives.

I will celebrate when all trafficking is made visible.

I will celebrate when women and girls are not three holes and two hands.

I will celebrate when women and girls are not thrown away.

I will celebrate when words such as basic human rape, industrial rape, sexual torture, sexual slavery, brainwashing, murder, evil are so common that they are heard.

I will celebrate when men make the choice to never buy or sell women and girls for their orgasms.

I will celebrate when the pain, grief and rage inside the whore, inside the porn star, inside the escort, inside the street prostitute, inside that image you say is harmless, is finally heard.

I will celebrate when we know everything that men choose to invent can be dis-invented.

I will celebrate when feminist truly listen and heard whores and find some of the routes of male violence.

I will celebrate when every murdered whore is remember with her name, her whole life, her joys, her love ones, what she was outside the role of the whore.

I will celebrate when is not seen as just lots of rapes, just violence on some larger scale – but as brainwashing, as being place into a role where all rights are stolen.

I will celebrate when deadness of emotions and being formed into the living dead is seen and re-framed as choice.

I will celebrate when exiting is the main purpose of groups dealing with prostituted women and girls – not handing out condoms and coffee.

I will celebrate when in-depth focused counseling is the norm in all exiting projects.

I will celebrate when the cold hate of the sex trade is fully visible.

I will celebrate when everyone stops kidding themselves that mass violence to women and girls is not foundation of huge profits of the sex trade.

I will celebrate when “extras” such as gang rape, being used to make porn, strangling, being moved round from escorting to street work, from lap dancing to sex with special clients, to doing “rough” sex that may injure or kill you – is seen and destroyed.

I will celebrate no john, no manager, no bodyguard, no customer, no man who is bored can just causally finger-fuck, beat up, rape, murder, torture a woman or girl just coz her label is whore, lap-dancer, escort, prostitute, high-class hooker, girlfriend experience, holiday sex, massage worker – god, fuck the label, see the person.

I cannot celebrate in this world.

This world kills, destroys and ignores millions of women and girls just because their class is to be a whore.

This world lets men believe they are entitled to rape, to get living porn, to torture, to kill, to mentally destroy those women and girls – coz they know it will be a non-crime.

This world refuses to know this violence, this hate and this degradation is repeated with millions of generation of men – refuses to end it now.

This world that invents whores as goddesses, empowered women, women who control weak men – rather than take responsibility to see the terror, the pain, the waste of lives.

I cannot live in this world – without a real revolution.

A revolution where voices of whores are not just heard, but form the centre of change.

A revolution where their pain, grief and terror are call being over-emotional, but just speaking to the truth.

A revolution where sex work is seen as a nonsense expression – sex is not being raped over and over and over, work includes having human rights to dignity, to safety, to have freedom of movement and speech.

A revolution where there is no sex trade for no man have the right to own another human just to buy and sell for the all mighty male fucking.

Then at last I can celebrate.

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