Hold In Your Hearts

This is a prose- prayer for International Women Day


Do not make me invisible.

Hold me in your eyes that wants close all out.

See my tears that struck in my stomach, sending sickness to my heart.

See I am one of many

Women, girls who have no feelings of their own.

Only men dragging out fake emotions

Moving into their souls with their hate and terror.

Don’t make me invisible.

Listen hard to the silent screaming

That is in every country, in a street next door to you

Behind that shutted room

You don’t want to think of.

Don’t make me invisible.

As you say to yourself

Your porn is nothing to

With me.

Look harder, look with a heart.

In the dead eyes, in those eyes where terror is

So often, so made normal, so just all you are.

You see me

Laid bare in

Your five minutes of fun.

Don’t make me invisible.

As you ignore your boyfriend doing

Stag does, going on boy’s trips abroad, celebrating something

Inside lap-dance, adventure of brothel,

Paying for it is no affair.

He won’t fall in love.

Don’t make me invisible.

Saying some women have high sex drives

Don’t feel pain

It not really degrading is it.

I wouldn’t do it, but

Who am I to judge.

Don’t make me invisible.

Seeing my bruises, cuts and shaking as

Something I wanted.

Seeing my damaged cunt, any diseases, that I may be murdered or kill myself

As just the risks of my job.

Don’t make me invisible

Calling me dirty girl, slut, gagging for it, porn freak.

Calling me desperate, so sad, drug-ridden, fucked up incest girl, going to die anyhow.

Calling me empowered, manipulating men, sex worker, going to make it rich.

Calling me tart with heart of gold, a mother/sister/ counsellor who you can fuck.

Don’t make invisible.

Just so you can think

You are better than me.

See me.

See me.

That would a good start.

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