Survival Sex

I have seen a new trendy expression for prostitution – “survival sex”.

I look at it and think it makes sense, I look at it and feel patronize, I look at it and an anger explodes in me.

Hell, the vast majority of prostitution is survival sex – most of prostitution is surviving by remembering to breathe.

Yet again, I know this expression is used to divide the whores who choose the work and are portrayed as empowered – the other whores who are just victims and have to survive.

It is a nonsense expression.

Look carefully at those words, and see that male violence is invisible, makes the power and manipulation of the sex trade invisible.

Just keep the blame on the prostituted women and girls, then everything is fine and dandy.

It is her fault for being desperate.

If she is displaced by war or natural disaster – she can survive by selling her body.

If she has run away from home, after too many years of abuse – she can survive by selling her body.

If she find she has no job – she can survive by selling her body.

If she addicted to drugs – she can survive by selling her body.

If she is homeless because domestic violence – she can survive by selling her body.

If she depressed after being raped – she can survived by selling her body.

Please add to this list.

In other words, all women and girls are genitals for made to fuck, and to buy and sell.

Survival sex has always been forced onto women. It is ridiculous to say it something new.

Women were forced to survive rape in most wars – but forcing them into brothels, sex farms, rest and recreation areas, temples makes it into non-rape.

Women have raped and sexually tortured when forced to moved from their countries in all centuries. But named it sex work, improvement in employment – and any violence that happens to them is just their problem.

Women and girls have always been trapped inside industrial rape, after escaping domestic rape and violence. Hell, these women and girls are the major produce of the sex trade.

There has always been girls that society has thrown away, these too are the easy prey of the sex trade.

Hell, all these are surviving prostitution.

Only see their anger, feel their degradation, hear the silent screaming, smell their cold terror and taste the sickness struck in their throats.

Make them human – not the distance victim of survival sex.

Only it is easier to be distance, to imagine the victim-whore – for she is never you.

She is raped too often by too many men.

She has lost her fight.

She has no feelings.

She does not say no loud enough.

She chooses to be addicted to drink or drugs.

She lets men use her body as a fuck-machine, as a place they put all their anger.

She smiles when she is hurt.

She will degraded by any man at any time.

She cannot be anything to do with you.

You are better than her.

You would fight off rape.

You would never let men disrespect you.

You would scream the house down.

But more – you would never ever let men degrade you, you have more pride than to ever be a victim.

That is why women refuse to see the whore who is a victim, to see a woman or girl who has no choice, no rights and no pride – see her as a small step away from you.

Remember at any time, any place – any woman or girl may sell her body to survive.

It only takes a couple of things to go wrong in your life, and if that is connected to deep self-hate – and you are in spitting distance of the manipulation of the sex trade – and you too can be the victim-whore.

Also, it is a sick joke to think that the whore who appears empowered, will not have use sex to survive.

No whore can control the violence of any john who makes the choose to be sadistic to her. It does not matter how high-class she is.

No whore has control on how the profiteers of the sex trade use her as toy to be raped, beaten and tortured for higher rates.

It is wise in those situation to do whatever sex is wanted, to act happy, to boost the male ego – that is survival.

Please don’t use the patronising expression “survival sex” – say prostitution – just be honest with yourself.

2 responses to “Survival Sex

  1. Yet another euphemism created by the pro-prostitution apologists because now we have ‘survival sex.’ So does this mean we can claim political prisoners endured ‘survival torture’ in order to remain alive. I think not – the correct term is not ‘survival sex’ but men’s systemic sexual violence against women. Not hard to write is it except, except – it places acountability where it belongs – with men who engage in sexual violence against women and men’s accountability and responsibility must always remain hidden by the use of euphemisms.


  2. Funny how so many pro-prostitution people are terrified of using the ‘r’ word. Almost as if they start calling things by their true names they might get a bit of truth on them. Nah, wash it off with denial. It’s ‘sex work’, it’s ‘survival sex’, it’s ‘her choice’.

    No. It’s rape.


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