No Game to Me

I have become a member of an amazing facebook group “Grand TRUTH Auto … I for one am sick of being complacent”. It is a group that tries to informs how mentally damaging the new computer game “Grand Theft Auto 4” is.

It is a game that is mostly about using extreme violence to gain bonuses.

This violence includes weapons such as machine gun, machine saw, baseball bat, flame thrower.

The player can torture, run over bystanders, murder anyone who gets in their way.

This is all meant to fun and entertaining.

For me, with my history, I am highly disturbed by the light-heartened tone as one of making bonuses is by murdering prostitutes.

The aim of the game is to pick up a prostitute off the street, take her to an abandoned area. Get fucked, then pay. And as she leaves, murder her in the most sadistic way the player can imagine, then take the money.

Then you get your bonus.

God, I obviously have no sense of humour, for I looking to how that is funny.

Isn’t it just reflecting some of the violence that happens to prostituted women and girls both on the streets and being used indoors.

It is common for johns to beat up prostitutes in order not to pay them.

Many murders of prostituted women and girls are done by johns too cheap to pay.

It just reflects a world view that prostitutes can be thrown away – hell, money it so much more important than a prostitute’s life.

It is no game for me.

Not when I have been beaten unconscious by johns, who either under-paid me or got it free.

Not when I brought to the edge of death by johns so they could save money

I cannot laugh about that.

I do believe this game does poisons the minds of players who become addicted to it.

It does feed the myth that prostitutes are sub-human and therefore disposable.

Please support the banning of this game.

One response to “No Game to Me

  1. i used to like that game. then i grabbed a brain and my sense of compassion and humanity back.

    now i refuse to play.


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