It Can’t Be Made Safe Enough

Often I hear, read and are told, that if prostitution was made safer, than what’s the problem.

I never understand that concept, for me I would say it like placing a band-aid on cut throat. It may make the helper feel better, but little or nothing to protect the prostituted woman or girl.

To be honest, when I hear the language of a safer form of prostitution, I know I am hearing the words of all those who will gain from the sex trade.

Even though some say it from the goodness of their heart,  they have fallen naively into traps of pimps, managers and johns.

One thing that gets to me, is the constant emphasis on the johns wearing condoms.

On the practical level, this is extremely naive – for it assume that johns give a damn about protection, that they twice about STD’s  or getting a whore pregnant.

It assume that all johns do is penetration, or maybe anal or oral.  That there not many and varied ways of placing the prostituted woman or girl in danger.

It assume that profiteers from prostitution do not persuade the prostituted woman or girl, she will earn more if she get screwed without protection.

It assume that prostituted woman or girl like herself enough to care if she get a STD or AIDS.

That is just the practical level.

Wearing condoms only works if the sex trade give a damn about the goods – knowing the whore is there to be thrown away.

If she get sick from preventable sexual diseases, there are millions of more girls that can be lure into the sex trade.

If she get pregnant, there are always abortions or she can just work with a child.

If  her cunt gets ruined, that no problem coz she can just be chuck out.

There is a huge belief that indoors prostitution must be safe, or at least safer than street prostitution.

This I cannot get my head round.

What is safe about being struck in a room with a strange man who knows he has permission to do whatever he wants to you.

What is safe about being struck in that room when he can use as much time as he wants to fulfill his porn fantasy. Only thing stopping him is not having enough money.

What is safe for the prostitute when the john can torture, rape, batter and play games with her life, behind what becomes private just because a door is shut.

Yes, I heard the weasel words of the sex trade.

Words of how that they look after their girls.

They give escorts bodyguards, they place cameras in the room, they have alarm systems, they banned dodgy johns – hell the safety of their girls is top of their list of things to be done.

As I hear those words, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

All I know is I have a sickness in my throat, and a dread in my heart.

Remember any man can rape or batter, can even murder, any prostitute in less than a minute.

So, even with a bodyguard, camera or working alarm – she is never safe enough.

But that is in an imagined world where the sex trade gives a damn if she is being raped or battered.

In reality, the violence is the norm, and she is expected to put up with and to act as she is enjoying it.

If there is a bodyguard or men watching the cameras, more than likely they will get their rocks off as she is being sexually tortured.

Hell, some of the film in the camera can make even more profit if sold as “amateur” porn.

As for alarm systems, even if they are turned on – how when being raped, sexually tortured or battered can you think clearly enough to use the alarm. That is assuming the prostitute can reach the alarm.

The sex trade get a massive profit from extras, which is mostly sadistic sex.

The sex trade fleeces dangerous johns every hour of every day. Why should the sex trade give a damn whether johns put their goods in danger.

Remember in the world of the sex trade money speak very loud, and prostituted women and girls are just disposable.

I am told prostitution would safer if under-aged prostitution and trafficking were stopped.

The sex trade would never allow that – although it will give the false image that all prostitutes choose their lifestyle – and under-aged and or trafficked prostituted are rare.

Of course, the sex trade will say they will deal with that problem in-house.

Knowing all the time, that all the sex trade is built on the blood of women and girls who had no choice, were brainwashed, were placed into terror, cannot know there is an exit.

The sex trade makes its huge profits from having a class of women and girls who have no voice, no power, no idea of their life span.

These are women and girls that can be manipulated into whatever violent porn fantasy that makes the biggest profit.

In that environment, there is never any safety for the prostitute.

We can only make it safe enough when we built a world that refuses to allow any john to buy any prostitute for any reason.

Then we can slowly destroy the sex trade.

Then we can truly speak of safety.

2 responses to “It Can’t Be Made Safe Enough

  1. Well said. The decriminalisation lobby just don’t seem to get it (or just choose not to) that once you create an expanding demand for “sexual services” you inevitably attract the attention of traffickers looking to pimp their “product”. Couple that with the fact that the “sex trade” in general creates a culture of predation/impunity where people are seen as objects of utility and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that violence will always be integral to its operation.


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