What Image Suit You

The image of the whore is spread across history, into pictures, into books, drowning out TV dramas, into lectures at colleges, inside edgy jokes, making urban documentaries serious, holding up the good in all religions and philosophies – shit, the whore is everywhere.

Everywhere there is the whore, but as a real human being.

I want to look at the stereotypes images of the whore, and I will question them all. All I want is that the whore is just a girl or woman who is as complex, as you are who reading this.

But, I am a realistic, I know having cartoon whores makes it easier to pity, to condemn, to say I wouldn’t do that but I mustn’t judge, to raise the whore on a pedestal, to make her a goddess, to say she is nothing but dirt, and generally to turn away from her human side.


The simple stereotype of the whore is that she is the endless victim.

A victim who will never recover, a victim who goes head-long into trouble.

Her rapes are seen, but at the same time they are ignored with a shrug – well, that’s her job ain’t it.

It is seen their extreme violence done to her, it is seen she is trapped, it is seen that her life span may be short.

It is seen that her mind, body and soul has been stolen by the sex trade.

But nothing is done.

She is a victim that others have decided no-one can or would be willing to help.

Every night, in cities people walk pass whores, knowing they are not happy, knowing they may do acts that would sickened the passer-bys.

All the time, people walk by buildings where  it is rumoured women are trapped in brothels.

All the time, others read of trafficking.

They may feel pity, they may have a small degree of shock – but most just say prostitution will always be there.

These victims are stepped over, whilst nicer victims who are more pliable are helped.


This is the concept that the good whore will makes a ton of money by manipulating johns.

She is the whore who will always be safe, always in control.

She will fuck men whilst hating them for being so weak.

She is the praying mantis of the sex trade.

In reality, she is just some porn-dream invented by men, invented so men can fuck, rape, beat up, humiliate, murder, torture all whores – without the inconvenient of having a conscience.

However violent and hateful his actions are, he will seen as the victim.

It was the whore who made him crazy, the whore who put in his head such vicious sexual acts, the whore who made him lose his true path.


This leads to the most dangerous stereotype. The whore is the epitome of bad, the bad women from all time and every culture.

If it wasn’t for the whore being the ultimate scapegoat, how on earth would boys and men know what women they can marry, settle down with.

If it wasn’t for the whore, where could boys and men put all their fuck-dreams, how could they fuck hard and nearly murder and it not rape or even real violence.

If it wasn’t for whores putting their lives on the line, then what would happen to the porn industry, where would armed forces be able to rest and relax, what would happen the income of countries where fucking is a tourist attraction.

The whores save good women from rape, from the pure hate of men – or so the myth makes out.

It is utter bullshit.

Men who rape, batter, torture and murder the whore – will hate and abuse the good women too.

But the whore lives inside the male hate and violence without any idea that others give a damn.

For the whore, her purpose is to be a lightening rod for male hate.

Her safety, her soul, her dreams, her life expectancy, her rights to be a full human – all that is of no importance.

All she is living porn, to be screwed in every hole, even to make holes that don’t exist.

She is trash, that no care is taken if she gets STD’s, pregnant or AIDS. After all, she is the dirt that spread the diseases into good women.

The whore cannot never be truly pitied – for it a truth that is constantly said that she is pure evil.

That shut the whore up very efficiently.


This is just a start – for it is exhausting writing this.

All I want is that you look for the human in the whore.

That is a start.

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