Smile Now

This is dedicated to Laurelin.

I am writing this after reading Laurelin’s comment on my “Invisible Chains” post, on how so many feminists seemed to willfully ignore or dismiss the psychological abuse of prostituted women and girls.

There is an insistence that unless the prostitute is plainly physically or sexually abused, unless she has been externally trafficked, unless she is under-aged, unless she is a street prostitute who is addicted to drugs – then there is no abuse or violence.

But all this must be visible to an outsider, or it is clear that she has chosen the lifestyle of the prostitute.

It is very easy to ignore the mental abuse if you have already decided that prostituted women are mostly happy, and rarely coerced.

But for the sex trade to succeed is must be built on breaking down the mental welfare of the vast majority of the women and girls that enter that world.

It must turn them into goods for men to fuck, to beat, to verbally abuse, and to leave to die.

The sex trade wants sub-humans not women and girls.

But the real sickness of the sex trade and it’s consumers is that wants these sub-humans to smile, to flatter the men, to say how much they love sex, to perform and forget that there ever was a life elsewhere.

I know that is how the sex trade works, what pisses me off is feminists seeing the smile and thinking that is all that matters.

Look, would you think if a battered woman said she love her boyfriend/husband that she doesn’t need help. If a “good” woman is raped, and then said it was all her own fault, would you just take at her word.

No, most feminists would see that as mental abuse.

But prostituted women and girls live with rape and battering on regular basis, and it is named choice, suddenly she is into rough sex.

What sickened me is often when exited prostituted women attempt to describe the violence/sexual torture they had to endure, they are confronted with feminists who will not judge their choices.

I am all for not judging prostituted women and girls, but christ, it completely fine to judge johns and pimps/managers.

When you view rape of “good” women or girls, or see domestic violence do you speak as if it the choice of the woman or girl. Do you not then judge the batterer or rapist.

But all rules are reversed for prostituted women and girls, they by some miracle don’t get mentally abused.

Even after the sex trade has often used the common practice of breaking them down, that is made invisible.

Many prostitutes are made to do the most violent sexual acts, usually life-threatening and used to destroy their essence, on their first experience. This is often put alongside treats, words of love or affection, or with johns who just do “normal” sex.

Most prostitutes are told over an over that this world is the only one that understand them, that the sex trade is their family. This alongside threats or suggestions, that if they speak to outsiders or even think of asking for help, that they could be killed or the violence would not be believed.

Now, if this is happening to non-prostituted women and girls is would named as Stockholm Syndrome. But for prostitutes it is named as choice or lifestyle, and then everything is hunky-dory.

When you rape a woman and girl over and over and over and over – until she can no longer name it rape, cannot know it abuse, cannot feel it violence, cannot remember it is her body that is being destroyed.

Then you have made a prostitute.

When you form her into a body that is strangled, is penetrated in and every hole in her body, is able to go close to death and then act as if nothing much had happened.

Then you have made a prostitute.

To make a true prostitute – she must smile, she must say how wonderful her life is, she must not even imagine a life outside of the sex trade.

That is not a human, that may as well be a sex doll.

And yet so many feminists continue to insist prostitution is a choice for the woman or girl.

This ignore that the responsibility is fully with the sex trade and it’s consumers.

The sex trade knows and doesn’t give a shit that the vast majority of the women and girls that are turned out as prostitutes are thoroughly mentally damaged, hell if they dead inside they are more fuckable.

Johns ignores dead eyes, bruises, fear, that she may be under-aged, that she clearly trapped. What does that matter compare to his sexual fantasy. Hell he may as well add to the harm, for she is not a real human anyhow.

If you choose to call it a choice – then place yourself in the situation where you have to be sexually used by a stream of men. Men who can do any violence they want without any punishment.

If you choose to call it choice – then place yourself as the prostitute who is viciously raped or tortured, and know not even to imagine asking for help. Place yourself in that situation, and know another man is waiting to rape you.

This can happen to all prostitute, whether working in hotels or flats or on the streets.

As long as men know there is a class of women and girls that they can rape, sell, torture, buy or kill – there will be prostitutes.

That will always destroyed prostitutes mentally.

The only cure is saying no man has the right to buy and sell women and girls just for their orgasms, power, hate, will to degrade and their stupid egos.

3 responses to “Smile Now

  1. I’m really proud that you dedicated this post to me.
    Anyone who calls her/himself feminist/pro-feminist, or has the nerve to claim to care about women, should read this. Now.


  2. “If you choose to call it a choice – then place yourself in the situation where you have to be sexually used by a stream of men. Men who can do any violence they want without any punishment.”

    I think this is the problem – a complete empathy deficit. It’s clear that the defenders of prostitution refuse to think about or imagine what it would be like to be used in that manner, to be treated like a non-being, a less than human person, to be so completely at other people’s mercy or rather at their lack of it. It’s the ultimate capitulation to men to defend prostitution and those who use prostituted women and girls. I suppose in their hearts the people who do this know they are craven cowards, which is why they have to so fully turn away from the dreadful suffering created by prostitution because otherwise they couldn’t live with their consciences. I only hope that one day (soon) they will listen to what you are saying.


  3. thank you for addressing this. i am so deeply disappointed with feminists right now and you are clearing away so much of my confusion about this whole “choice” issue.


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