Men in Packs

Last night I watched a documentary about stag dos, and the danger that if they go with prostitutes that the women had been trafficked.

I was triggered so much that I sick for half the night.

I thought it this happens to most prostitutes, trafficked or not. Most prostitutes are meant to be on demand for packs of men, and must do whatever their whim is.

But to focus just on stags dos is ridiculous.

Men go in packs to use prostitutes for any and no reason.

It can to celebrate your team winning, to drown your tears when they lose.

It may students passing an exam or celebrating being 21.

It may coz one man is still a virgin.

It may bonding for businessmen.

It may just coz their pub is near the red light district.

Christ, it can be any man of any class, background and culture.

Put a man in a pack, and say sex is his prize, and I will guarantee he will give a shit about her human rights and dignity.

Hell, he won’t see that she is a human.

I remember inside my trauma, the fear when men came in packs. Maybe as individuals they were decent human beings, but once drunk and egg on by the pack – the only rule left for me was trying to stay alive and not hurt too bad.

These were the men that gang-raped me.

Men when they gang-rape are breaking every internal law that said keep another human being safe. As an individual, many of the men raping would view gang-rape was evil, when done to good women.

But there is the rub, it was fine to gang-rape a whore. She wants, needs and enjoy it.

If she doesn’t like it, it is her job, it is his right to be part of fucking her.

Also, many men can pretend they only did it because they didn’t to appear weak or gay.

Gang-raping a whore is a bonding experience – and for me was a slow death.

I had men who came in packs queuing to take terms to fuck me.

It was all so civilised, as they stood or sat waiting, they would chat and joke. As men came I sometimes hear their criticism of how my performance was.

Mainly along the lines – she lay like the dead, she wasn’t very friendly, doesn’t talk much silly bitch.

But each one would fuck me.

None give a damned if I was alive or not. I was just a slot machine they push their penis into.

Many times packs of men would choose the prostitute they would use.

This happened to me when I worked in clubs, I was chosen as I sat at the bar.

Most men that choose me wanted to do sadistic violence to me.

A few when we were alone would chat, some saying they don’t want to do really – just don’t want to look bad in front of their friends/colleagues.

Well, no-one can see what was happening in that room, so it would easy to not fuck me, just sit until time is up.

He could be a good guy.

But always I was fucked, often with anger and contempt because they had some a small moment of humanity before me.

Then I was made into nothing, and they could walk away like nothing had happened.

Every time packs of men use prostituted women and girls, they are destroying her ability to be human.

I find this so hard to write about, because their leisure is my trauma.

Last night, after watching the documentary I had a splitting headache until I sick and sick.

I was sick as my guts know the tortures, agony, fear, hate and degradation that packs of men put into me.

And they thought it was nothing.

All I know is no man has to buy a prostitute – all men can walk away from that.

6 responses to “Men in Packs

  1. I hate how visiting prostitutes is no normalised when associated with a stag do. I remember going to watch the film Hangover and stopped finding the film funny the minute it showed that they all went to visit prostitutes as if it was just some kind of hilarious joke and perfectly normal. I think it is disgusting that men do this kind of thing to impress eachother. It is time for people to realise how wrong this is. I can’t wait for the day when men will view men who visit prostitutes with disgust instead of giving them a pat on the back. I hope you are feeling ok.


  2. Hope you are ok. I saw the documentary too and it made me so angry the way they kept focusing on trafficking and then he would be looking at the camera going, ‘is this wrong? I just don’t know’ like he just couldn’t work it out. It’s not exactly complex, is it? Rape and slavery and violence and poverty… but it’s happening to women so they just can’t connect up that it’s fucking evil. And saying, oh it’s fine to get a prostitute and rape her, just make sure that she’s not a trafficked prostitute. It made me sick the way the women were represented in that film, and how the men interviewed were talking, showing how they really just didn’t care or give a shit. I’m sorry for how bad it made you feel.


  3. “All I know is no man has to buy a prostitute – all men can walk away from that.”
    This is the absolute bottom line.
    It’s easy not to rape. Women manage it all the time.


  4. Sorry but if it happens freely in England or in USA ( i don´t know where you all are)it is because the large number of women agree with that.If the “commom” women don´t react,how things can change? I just see survivours and feminits striking back,no mass campaing is done.Sweden was succesfull in their fight against prostitution because women population supported the fight.

    Why women didn´t send revolted letters to the tv channel that put such documentary on air? Why women don´t pressure the governemment for anti-prostitution and anti-traffick laws?

    Nothing will change if the large number of women say ok to such cruelties.


  5. “Nothing will change if the large number of women say ok to such cruelties.”

    Sure it can. If women did nothing different it wouldn’t matter one whit, but if all men stopped being johns then prostitution would disappear.

    Men didn’t ask women’s permission to begin the oppressive institution of sexual slavery and they don’t need to ask women’s permission to end it.


  6. I do think that there are many women who are protesting against the sex trade, and doing some very powerful work.

    But whilst men feel it is there entitlement to buy and sell women and girls for sex, the power and control is firmly held by males.
    That is why the bottom line is that no man should be allowed to buy any women or girl just for his orgasm.
    No man has the right to make a class of women and girls to made into goods to sell for sex.

    Men can and should make the choice to say no more – they can do that without asking women.


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