In Memory

My Dad died a year today, and I wish how he give some strength and ability to know and give love.

My Dad was very family orientated, and made us all know we were loved and admired. He made everyone feel special.

One thing I got from Dad was I believe in looking for good in most people – but if someone make the choice to harm or put bad into the world, that they should condemn or cut out of your life.

I learn from Dad to be interested in others, not to think I know them by their outward appearance.

To not ask “what is your work” – but something that is more interesting “what films do you like”, “do you enjoy films”.

Let others lead the conversion, often keeping to the trivial makes others open on quite a deep level, but it will safe.

My Dad taught to enjoy being a host, and not to hide into the wall when I am a guest.

That is a lovely gift.

Dad and I often went to the theatre, exhibitions and listening to music.

I am relaxed round the arts, for I have his curious eye, that however many times I think I know the arts – there is always surprise and wonder.

I, like my Dad, like the social history of the arts, like any gossip or side history of the arts, like the truth being turned into half-truths of the arts.

A saying Dad liked was –

Print the legend.

Dad taught that truth is just what those with power say is true – that truth can seen from many angles.

Truth is often a very strong opinion that shout down all other voices.

I know that as an exited prostituted woman, I know that as an incest survivor and I know that just using the logical part of my mind.

I hope I have the wisdom to know when you that is true, that is when you more than likely wrong.

Instead of truth, Dad believe you spoke of experience and how that affected you.

It about making connections, if your experiences connect and speak to others in similar situations – than that may a kind of truth.

As I write this blog – I hope some of Dad’s voice is in here.

I have a fear of being arrogant – so I remember that Dad saying be careful, stay humble – but always have pride.

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