The Banality of Evil

Last night, I listen to a radio programme about Hannah Arendt who wrote about partly about language is used to make “evil” disappear.

It places cruelty, mental abuse and degradation into a language that makes it seems normal and therefore acceptable.

This made me think of how the sex trade have manipulated language, how this has been encouraged by the Left and liberals. I will look at a few popular expressions.


Now this I would say is the double-speak of the sex trade, and I always shocked and deeply saddened by how much the Left and liberals fall for it, especially women.

If you say that prostitution will free up women, will give some degree of power, will be an independent lifestyle – you can draw feminists in.

Hell, the sex trade is co-opting the language of feminism.

It cannot be abuse, if free the woman up.

This is language where all violence disappears, or if seen is made the fault of the individual prostituted woman.

This is language where the john is “used” by the prostituted woman.

This is language that implies prostitution will give the woman financial power.

This is double-speak, and deeply insulting to the vast majority of prostituted women and girls.

What is interesting about this public language is the sex trade said women – when it always girls in the “private” sphere.

Falling for this language is to allow the daily tortured of the prostituted women and girls to be seen as so unimportant that it just cannot exist.


This language is great for dismissing any and every anti-sex trade view as being just prudish.

It is wonderful to dismiss exited prostituted women who speak out about horrific conditions, getting raped so often they have no feelings left, losing any sense of being human.

Don’t they know it was just fun – there was no real harm done.

That is no harm to the income of the sex trade.

No harm to the constant flow of johns who get their kicks by fucking, torturing and mentally abusing the constant flow of whores.

No harm to the supporter of the sex trade who can choose to believe it just a leisure event between two equal adults.

Don’t say that johns buy prostitutes to have complete power mentally, physically and sexually over the woman and girl.

Don’t say his “fun” includes playing with he keeps her alive or not, includes doing extreme painful sexual acts, includes using words that turn her into scum.

Don’t the more sadistic the sex is the more profit the sex trade makes.

Never to increase the fun level, there is constant flow of prostituted women and girls – because there is a wastage of mental trauma, long-term physical injuries, and deaths – just don’t mention this.


This is said to claim that all work has it nasty side, prostitution is just slightly worse than others.

But always it must be better than being a cleaner, working in MacDonald’s or any other job the speaker wants to feel superior about.

But prostitution is not a job, it is sexual slavery.

The only factor that may class it as a job is getting paid.

But it is a “job” with no rights, no freedom, no guarantee of safety or even life.

It is no profession – there is no training, no job promotion, no right to speak.

Don’t bloody go on about it being just a “dirty” job, don’t insult prostituted women and girls by pretending they have rights and decent working conditions.

The modern take on prostitution just being a job is often placed alongside that they must unionised.

It is assumed that prostituted women are in unions, that there will a magic wand that will make safe, treated as equals and respected.

Unions are not for the prostituted women and girls – unions are a cloak for the sex trade.

Unions are used to give an outward appearance that the sex trade has respect for prostituted women and girls.

It is pretend safety by having alarms that may or may not be responded to, handing out condoms which johns may or may not use, letting escorts have bouncers who may or may not intervene if she is beaten or raped, having cameras in brothels which may or may not be on.

Safety is just show.

For basically the sex trade knows the major profits comes from allowing johns to be as violent as they want.

Money will always speak louder than the safely of disposable prostituted women and girls.


I will need to write more some other time, but for now this is very painful.

Please dump language that makes the violence, degradation and mental abuse of prostituted women and girls disappear.

Speak in the language of human rights, speak of torture, speak of trauma, speak of extreme abuse. Speak a language that makes the prostituted women and girls into full humans.

Don’t let the sex trade control how you speak.

2 responses to “The Banality of Evil

  1. how would anyone think being a prostitute was an independent lifestyle. They depend on men more than any other woman besides housewives with no job.


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