No Such Thing as a Good John

Often I surrounded by excuses made for prostitution, they are many and not very varied. These excuses exhaust me, but also remind why I fight so hard to end the sex trade.

In this post, I want to write about the myth of the good, the gentle, the boyfriend material john. The john who has a morsel of guilt, even may feel some shame. The john who wants to rescue prostitutes really.

The john of literature, the john of poetry, the john in painting, the john in endless films, the john that men invented to big themselves up.

Call him Richard Gere if you wish – only remember he is fiction.

I have had many good johns, and each one left their mark on me. As much as the violent johns, they poured poison into me.

They may not of beaten me, they not of have used extreme sadistic on me – but they still rape me, they still play games with my mind.

They still knew I was their property, so any kindness they show me was so I would do what they wanted.

I know, in my heart of heart, that the main reason they could be good, was I been trained through terror to perform everything they wanted and to appear happy.

I made it normal for them.

But it was never normal for me, just a slow death.

Every time a man makes the choice to buy “sexual services”, he is choosing to rape and make a non-crime.

It does not matter how gentle the man – it does even matter if he chooses to not have sex but to talk.  He is always a threat, the individual prostitute does not know what he will do to her.

Remember that when a john buys a prostitute, she becomes his property. Her will is unimportant. Her safety depends on his fantasy and his mood.

She is never real to him, she is just whatever fuck-dream he brings with him.

So back to the good john.

There is the rescue- john. The man who decides to fall in love with some prostitute, and that it becomes his mission to rescue her.

These men offer you the world, as long as you stay as their dream-woman – a woman who doesn’t eat, has no life outside this one man’s world, is always up for sex with the bonus that now she will do for free, a woman who cares only for this one man, oh of course must not do nasty things like going to the toilet.

Why not take her to Stepford.

He offers her the world, until he is bored or find another prostitute to take her place.

He will name her companion, escort, courtesan, maybe high-class hooker – never say that horrid word prostitute.

He may offer marriage, or set her up in some private flat. Both are prisons, so he can control her. He persuade to stop prostitution, but he will remain her only john.

These johns are dangerous for they give prostituted women and girls false hope of some freedom. They just fuck up the minds of prostituted women and girls.

Especially, as they will dispose their dream-woman as soon as she becomes real. This can and does mentally destroyed many prostituted women and girls.

There are good johns who just do normal penetrative sex, or just blow-jobs. Not what they consider to be what nasty johns do.

But each penetration is one more rape, blow-jobs slowly kill the will to live.

It just because so many prostituted women and girls live inside a reality where sadistic sex is the norm, that we act like penetration and blow-jobs are nothing.

God, most prostitutes are used so sadistically on such a regular basis, that being raped in the vagina or the mouth become a relief, coz so much worse could be happening.

But think on what being penetrated by tons of men means, most men who do no foreplay or care if the prostitute could be in pain.

Remember most johns whether they named themselves as good or not, can be bother to use protection.

Most, whether good or not, penetrate a prostitute with force and speed – and that hurts often.

A prostitute is fucked, not made loved to – don’t care if you a good john, and think that you took care.

Being penetrated by thousands of strangers is not sex – it is just living with rape and saying it does not matter.

As for blow-jobs, they are never for the woman, it is always done to remind the prostitute that she is dirt.

Men will not care when a prostitute is choking, if she may lose consciousness –  hell if his dick is being serviced that really all that matters.

Even good john expect blow-jobs, for isn’t that what whores do. Even good john push their cocks to the back of the throat of the prostitute.  Even good johns hold her by her hair or even pretend to strangle her to make it more intense.

For all johns just copy porn and that how blow-jobs are shown in novels, films, paintings, videos, magazines and all male depictions of how to treat whores.

So, I am not afraid to say all men that fuck prostitutes are just rapists.

I will end with the good johns that just talk.

Now, that is just creepy. They talk and talk, usually wanting to get something personal about the prostitute that they are with. They want to get inside her head.

This can be terrifying, for to survive prostitution it is normal to be cut off from who you really. To survive it may be important to dead inside.

These johns that analysed the prostitute, can push into a place where she on the edge of suicide.

She is treated like a lab rat.

It too confusing this talking – most prostitutes hate those johns.

There is something very sick in treating a prostitute that way, especially as she knows he is getting off on her misery and pain – but will do nothing to stop it.

He is fucking her over, but thinks it is fine coz he never hurt her.

I may write more about good johns – only they are very depressing for me, so I will leave it here.

I write to show the only real solution is stop all men thinking it their right to buy women and girls just for their fuck-toy.

It not good enough going for johns who are exploitative, for all johns buy prostitutes to make women and girls their sexual slaves.

That cannot continue.

5 responses to “No Such Thing as a Good John

  1. I hate this stereotype of this kind, gentle, loving,lonely man who only visits prostitutes because he wants to rescue them. It is so sad that this is what the majority of society believes a John is. They could not be further from the truth.


  2. Denial and lies are the only way they can live with what they do to women in prostitution. That’s why they have to pretend to themselves that they are gentle “good” men, when the truth is the opposite. The worst thing is that bystanders believe their lies.

    I agree, johns are rapists to a man. The destruction they wreak on women and girls is unimaginable and unspeakable.

    Any john reading here – you’re a rapist. Stop what you are doing now, and never do it again.


  3. Men who sexually exploit women are concerned with one thing only and that is their sexual gratification and male power over women. Neither of these two aspects can ever be separated out. But of course only men are ‘human’ which is why our male-dominant and male-centered society promotes and proclaims myths concerning male rapists who are commonly termed ‘Johns.’ These Johns know precisely what sexual crimes they are committing against women involved in prostitution but always these men’s accountability is minimalised, justified or else such men are supposedly ‘sad, lonely males who just want a little female company.’

    Our male-centered society seeks endless ways of justifying and mitigating male violence against women because men – unlike women must never be held accountable and responsible for their actions. Women however, are not human which is why the male-centered world views women in relation to men and why women are always blamed and held accountable for men’s crimes against women.


  4. another powerful post. and if a ohn was a good man he’d be able to date a woman like a man. i think that johns are little boys who think women are toys to be layed with


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