Be Back Wednesday

I am going back down to London for a break, for the women I stay with look after me very well. I need to be selfish and allow myself to be mothered.

I am also going to RTN tomorrow.

I really hope my trauma doesn’t kick in, like it did with a vengeance last year. I want to march with pride, not with the shadow of terror and it’s companion of painful body memories.

I want to well enough to dance after – dance out the ghosts of my past.

On Monday, I seeing my brother for the first time since my stepmum’s funeral. It will nice to relax with him, without having duties to do.

On Tuesday, I am going to party to celebrate that the House of Lords passed Clause 14.

I need to make it real that there is hope of some positive change for prostituted women and girls.

It is just the beginning of the beginning – but it is a small revolution in England.

Slowly our culture is seeing prostitutes as full humans.

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