Sequins and Feathers

Always there will be the idea and images of the happy hooker.

It is the dream of man who sees himself as middle-class, as a man who understand culture, a man who said over and over that he appreciate women, by god he respect.

But he also a man who wants to have prostitutes to fuck – it is so easier than a real relationship.

So, without shame or even blinking his eyes, he invents the happy. He wraps her in satin and silk, he allows her to have a mind as long she uses to please him. He sinks her with his money – never giving her space to know she is drowning.

His dream is covered with sequins and feathers – all clothing that has little or no practical use.

It just keeps her inside his control – as he imagines she is controlling him. Isn’t she leading him by his dick, isn’t she fleecing him of his money.

For his fantasy to be real, he must imagine himself to a victim – or worse he imagine it is a romance.

Look at how culture in England imagines the happy hooker.

In modern times, we have the dream of Belle du Jour. She will gives all the johns a joyful time, she remembers their faces, remember personal stuff that matter to them. She does not act bored.

No wonder most women did not believe in her, especially women who had done escorting full-time, and not just as a hobby.

No wonder so many thought it was written by a man. Haven’t we a “glorious” history of men imaging what it to be prostituted.

Haven’t we “Moll Flanders”. That image of a whore with a heart of gold, completely avoid that prostituting then and now was life-threatening through sexual violence, disease and the violence of the hate of the men who choose to fuck prostitutes.

Moll Flanders was written and invented by a man, it has little or no connection to the existence that being a prostitute in Georgian period was.

But the jolly whore invention that Moll Flanders is, is carried down through the centuries poisoning the minds of men, and endangering prostituted women and girls.

The jolly whore image is everywhere. She is used to sell beer, she is in Carry On films, she is safe and somehow non-sexual.

It is the English bawdy humour – no offence is meant.

It is just slap and tickle.

Only the dream is not the reality.

Whether it the dream of high-class call girl in sequins and feathers, or the jolly whore who eases the man into sex – these women are always just prostitutes.

And it that reality of men’s dreams being smashed, that reminds him that he owns her, that she is not his fantasy, but just a woman.

Then the hate comes.

Men that make the choice to buy a woman or girl for his orgasm, wants his dream, his dreaming of porn, his dreaming of being in control, his dreaming of being a god of sex.

Being faced with it just sex as any other sex, she is just a woman who done this many times before, that he is not special or even important, that his performance is ordinary.

This leads to rage, to a fury.

She is just a whore, she is just scum.

He will rape her, he will beat her, he will remember all the porn he knows and repeat it on her.

If he rages enough he will kill he.

But then, he will re-enter his dream and decides she wanted that violence, she had made him do it.

Or he imagines it was never violence, just an agreement to do rough sex. He will pay her extra, and then it all alright.

He can walk away knowing nothing much has happened.

He just dreams of happy hookers.

3 responses to “Sequins and Feathers

  1. Fantastic post. And WTF is up with Belle du Jour? I think the brainwashing is still working. THAT is going to bite her very, very hard on the arse one day. I view her as a kind of virtual pimp, actually.
    Ps adding you to my blogroll which might be a bit weird for you seeing as I mostly get middle class mummies reading, but I think you ROCK!


  2. Thats what I like about this blog. It cuts that fantasy wide open and shows it for what it really is. It shows the truth about the sex industry. People need to stop living in a dream world.


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