Would It Of Protected Us

In the midst of my small celebration about Clause 14, is a slow screaming inside of me.  A scream of my past, a scream that poisons my present.

A scream saying –

Wouldn’t my exploitation of gone hidden with and without this law.

Wouldn’t so much indoors prostitution continue with the mass exploitation with and with out this law.

My scream yelling-

Aren’t men who choose to buy women and girls to mentally and sexually torture laughing at any law that may protect the prostitute.

Isn’t those who profiteer out of the selling of prostituted women and girls pissing on any law.

I am screaming and screaming.

Yes, I can see Clause 14 may put off a few johns.

Johns where it may be a “bit of fun”, and they don’t want the exposure of the publicity of a fine.

Married johns who don’t want their two lives slipping into each other.

Johns who enjoy bullying prostituted women and girls, but are too cowardly to take the consequences of their actions.

But most of those johns, were not the men I was fucked up by.

No, the men that had me were full of arrogance and a sense that it was my job to be holes to be fucked into.

These men do not give a damn about laws, they know they superior to all laws.

As they rape, beat up, torture and kill prostituted women and girls, they think it all of no importance.

All that matters it they have sought and conquered.

Any damage they leave behind is of no relevance to who and what they view themselves as.

Fucking a prostitute is just the same as buying a hamburger. Nothing more and nothing less.

As for the pimps/managers, they know laws are not for them, just all the other inferior human beings.

How do protect prostituted women and girls who are move round, so it almost impossible to see the exploitation.

How do you see exploitation when it is hidden in plain view inside private flats, private parties. These profiteers are not so stupid as to have the extreme violence in the public arena.

I was move from clubs into flats. I was moved from Cambridge to London and vice versa. I moved from club work to escorting.

All this was done to disorientate me. All this was done as if it was my idea. All this was done with the illusion that it could stopped at any time.

All this was done to brainwash me.

How do you know exploitation when the prostitute is saying in a clear voice – I am happy.

How do you break that down, without destroying the woman.

All I know I was exploited, but I believed I was happy.

How would of a law protected me then.

All this and so much more, is why I fight so that all johns should be punished for making the choice to buy sex.

I believe we should fight a war against all that profiteers out of prostitution, an industry that is murdering and destroying women and girls.

They are criminals, they don’t give a shit about anyone else, to be honest they just used anyone who come in their world.

They used johns, they used the media, they use middle-class values to pretty up their hate and degrading of women and girls, they use the arts to make it appear normal, they use large gatherings of men, they use students, they use poverty, they use times of war and other disasters, they use cultural systems – and on and on and on.

Anything humans invent or have to live inside – the profiteers of prostitution will use to their advantage.

After they need an endless of women and girls to sell – for as the worse “employers” in the world, the wastage of their goods is staggering.

Wastage through mental damage, wastage through sexual diseases, wastage through injuries, wastage through murder.

The turnover must be constant, for that it all that matters it the profit.

To really make a good profit, the profiteer must supply “exotic” sex – which means sex that will endanger the prostituted woman or girl or at the very least be degrading to her.

Prostitution is rarely just sex – it always about owning and controlling a woman and girl who cannot say no.

So even when it a quick blowjob behind the pub, or a man just penetrating and nothing else – there is no safety or dignity there.

And that for many prostituted women and girls is like nothing to them – when their norm is johns doing sadistic sex and mentally abusing them.

Pimps/managers let in sexual torture and don’t give a damn as long the money keeps flowing.

They will laugh at Clause 14.

To save lives of prostituted women and girls – we have start throwing these bastards in jail for serious sentences.

It may stop the sex trade, but it could some justice for some of the women and girls.

Fines are not good enough – start destroying the profiteers not just the buyers.

I was not protected then – and I doubt women and girls in my situation would have much protection in the future.


One response to “Would It Of Protected Us

  1. A small chink of light just shows the depth of the darkness all around.

    I think prostitution is one of the main pillars of male domination over women, and men will fight to the bitter end to keep it because when it goes so much of their stolen power over us will go with it. I also know that we are going to win the fight, but it’s a painful struggle.

    I am very sorry this is hurting you so much, Rebecca.


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