Sleep Pattern Destroyed

This post is written from a place where my sleep pattern is all over the place. A place where every time I think that there can’t be any more triggers, something crap happens.

A place where I thought I had burnt out my trauma, and more crashes in on top of me.

I am going to London today and tomorrow for the Demand Change meeting. This is a launch of film using the words of exited prostituted women to say their realities – it is anonymous and spoken by actors.

My words are being used, which is a huge honour.

The film is part of a campaign to change the laws around prostitution, and have it framed as human rights issue, and gradually change attitudes that prostitution is relatively harm-free and about choice for the women and girls – say it is the choice of johns to buy women for sex, choice of pimps/managers to profiteer that they make women and girls into sub-humans to feed that market.

There I told you my lack of sleep was affecting me.

I think it will be very strange hearing my own words, for I have so much detachment from my work.

I have been crying a lot recently at how my words can reach out and into other survivor’s lives.

I feel very moved if my words give survivors the will and courage to go forward with their lives with massive strength.

It is very painful writing this blog, so knowing I have some connection and impact with survivors make me remember that I am doing a very good thing.

To each and every survivor who reads this blog, thank you for your courage and tenacity, I know you are all wonderful, bless you.

I hope this post make a little sense. Maybe I can rest a little.

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