Bloody Demand Change

Last night, for the first time in a week, I had a real night sleep. I feel relatively calm, like I will not have to step into terror every time I shut my eyes.

I do not know how long this will last – so whilst I have some energy, I thought I write why I do not believe that there can be half measures about punishing men who choose to buy prostituted women and girls.

I have been looking at the new approach in English law, the proposal of Clause 13 (14), of the latest Policing and Crime Bill being proposed next week in the House of Commons.

It speak of making it a crime to pay for sexual services if it known that the individual prostitute is being exploited.

I think this is a worthy start to being some change in prostitution – but in my personal opinion it is highly dangerous, for it too full of loopholes for pimps/managers, and for johns.

To prove exploitation is very hard in most of the sex trade.

Most indoors prostitution is made to have the outward appearance of being safe, clean, that the “girls” are happy in their work – any violence is firmly hidden from the public gaze.

How can see and know exploitation, when so many prostituted women are brainwashed to accept the unacceptable, and not know it could be sexual torture or rape. No it is just their job – nothing more and nothing less.

What john is going to say he is part of the exploiting – he is never a rapist, he is never a sadist, he never fucks prostitutes because he hates women.

What john has such a great conscience that he reports that a prostitute may have been raped, may be trafficked, may be being battered regularly, may be imprisoned. Where oh where is that sainted john.

Sorry, I may be naive but if a man has that sort of conscience, how come he paying for another prostitute to meet his sexual demands. Is he really that concern about her as a full human being.

Do you really thinks as johns re-enact their porn fantasies onto prostituted women and girls they give a damn whether she is being exploited or not.

Do you not think that managers of indoors prostitution who profiteer from increasing the violence done to prostituted women and girls, are going to say it is exploitation. Do you not think they will class as the individual woman or girl’s choice to earn more money or she just adventurous in her sexual desires.

Do you see that the sex trade is increasing the sexual violence done to prostituted women and girls by normalising that all women are just sex objects, that these objects should and must do whatever men imagine in their porn brains.

The sex trade said all women are whores, so they might as well enjoy it – coz they gonna to be fucked over anyway.

This is a lie – for most women who are not prostituted do not have to live with the constant sexual torture that is true prostitution.

By painting a picture that all women are whores, the sex trade is cleverly making all the violence disappear or made unimportant.

Do not be fooled.

Remember that prostitution is to be rape until you forget you exist.

Remember prostitution is to be brainwashed to know you cannot be raped, are not allowed to feel pain, that all you are is an object to be poked, manipulated and mentally destroyed.

Yes all women are exploited by men at some point in their life – but it usually not there only purpose in life.

To be a prostitute, is to placed into a class who only purpose is be fucked until all essence is destroyed.

That is why the whole of prostitution is exploitation. That is why each and every man who chooses to buy a prostitution should be a criminal.

He is paying for there a class of women and girls to be raped.

He is paying that these women and girls are cheap labour for making porn.

He is paying for the normalising of under-aged prostitution.

He is paying for the exploitation that is named sex tourism.

He is paying for every murder that is unreported and not investigated, just coz it is a prostitute.

He is paying for gang-rapes and other means of sexual torture.

I do not care if he thinks he is one of the good guys.

Hell, if he really such a good guy why is he thinking he is entitle to buy a prostitute.

If we want a real change, then, demand real change – demand abolition – don’t tinker with the safety of prostituted women and girls.

Save lives, bring back real dignity, fight for realistic exiting schemes, and don’t keep compromising.

As you compromise, women and girls are raped, tortured and murdered.

Abolition should be your aim.


3 responses to “Bloody Demand Change

  1. You are right Clause 13 (14) goes absolutely nowhere near far enough. Who is going to admit he knew the woman had been exploited? He is obviousley going to say he didn’t know. At least it is a step in the right direction but I am angry about the women who have to suffer in the meantime.
    Glad you managed to get some good sleep and I hope you sleep well tonight and every night.


  2. I agree Rebecca in that Clause 13 does not even begin to challenge men’s pseudo sex right to women and girls. However, clause 13 is defined as ‘strict liability’ which means any man who attempts to buy a prostituted woman/girl who is being controlled by a pimp will not be able to excuse his crime by claiming ignorance.

    Just as any male who rapes or attempts to rape any female under the age of 13 cannot claim ‘but I thought she was 16 or she led me on etc.’ Such claims will not be accepted as defence.

    But I too know the Johns and their cohorts will find a way of circumventing this law if it is passed and I totally agree with you criminalising any male who attempts to buy or does buy a woman for the purpose of sexual exploitation/rape must be the real goal. Johns are very good at telling themselves they are ‘good men’ who just happen to expect and demand innumerable women be made available for them to rape and sexually torture.

    The ‘good John’ is a myth created and maintained by the sex industry and pro-prostitution apologists. Likewise is the myth all women are in fact ‘whores’ whose sole purpose is to be men’s masturbatory objects. ‘Whore’ is a term created by and for men which is used to exonerate men of their accountability and supposedly ‘natural male sexual need to use certain women as dehumanised masturbatory objects, because all women are supposedly ‘whores.’


  3. I was wondering have you talked to any pro-prositution people or these so-called “happy hookers” do they seem mentally stable and how do they rationalize? Because I almost got into a physial fight with an escort who tried to pull my friend back in. She had the nerve to tell me i was jealous. She needs a reality check.

    I think you are right this clause is bullshit. It’s not like he’s going to ask her “Do you really want to be here?”


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