Pimp’s Language

It hard to be a survivor of the prostitution, for everywhere language is used that give more power to the sex trade. Every time this language is used is a dagger in my heart.


This phrase is used to make prostitution ordinary, without much violence, easy money-maker.

Sex worker is a favourite expression of pimps and managers, and any others who make a profit out of women and girls being prostituted.

If prostitution can be framed as just sex, sex that of course is consensual. Then where’s the harm.

But no mention that this “sex” is only whatever the johns want. If they want extreme violence it just sex. If they bring the woman or girl into terror, that is just rough sex.

In a pimp’s view, she could always say no. For in his warped view she has the power over the john.

Strange that it is the prostituted woman or girl who is beaten, she is raped over and over and over, she is knows that she could be murdered.

Strange that the john rarely has those terrors.

It not sex for the vast majority of prostituted women and girls. It is torture.

Sat that loud and clear – deafen pimps with the words.

It is torture.

It is not work to live inside such torture, I don’t care how much the individual prostituted woman or girl makes.

Calling it work, is just to make the violence and degradation invisible.

To strip a whole class of women and girls of their human rights to dignity, to safety, to have freedom of movement, to lose freedom of thought – that can never be categorised as work.

It is not work where to survive you must lose your essence as an individual.

Don’t call it work just coz then you can rest – call it a form of slavery, bloody say the word prostitution.

Say it loud, say it clear – it will not kill you.

But using the sugar-coated language of sex worker is killing many prostituted women and girls.


This is silly division.

It does exactly what pimps wants –  it places the attention and away from the johns, away from the sex trade.

One trick that sex trade uses is makes as many divisions of prostituted women and girls as they can. This is slight of hand.

Keep the focus on the escort who portrays as rich, with gentlemen as her chosen clients, who does more daring sex than ordinary women. Keep the focus of well-organised brothels where the safety of the “ladies” working there is a priority.

Look, see the world is suddenly full of happy hookers.

Hell, don’t look in the other hand.

Don’t see that escorts are continually beaten up, raped and made close to death. Don’t see that brothels are imprisoning the women that work for them, that to earn a reasonable most women must do extras which places their physical and mental welfare in jeopardy.

And these women are the happy ones.

Pimp’s language may mention forced prostitution, but it is usually framed that only happens to women or girls who had mental health issues before entering the sex trade.

They were raped before, they come from child abuse, they are drug addicts – basically it never be said that the sex trade is built on violence and degradation.

To me, the background of the individual prostituted woman or girl is a red herring.

Prostitution makes a profit from making women and girls in disposal goods.

Prostitution makes a profit out letting men rape and sexually torture without any consequences. Why should pimps/managers give a damn about the mental welfare of their goods – they sure as hell don’t care if they are raped, sexually tortured, or even murdered.

Prostitution is not bother about the rates of suicide of prostituted women and girls.

Prostitution will put many women and girls onto drugs to make them controllable, and also to makes sure they cannot leave.

In that environment, any women or girl can be molded to lose hope and forget she has an existence outside of prostitution.

It does not matter if she was abused as a child, or had a happy childhood. It doesn’t matter if she enter prostitution out of trickery or a continuing of the violence that is her life – or if she enters to rebel or thinks it is cool. It does not matter if she a street prostitution or high-class escort.

In the end the sex trade will forced all prostituted women and girls to be just fuck-machines for a profit.

The bottom line, unless you rarely do prostituted or it a hobby with friends –  the longer a woman or girl is any form of prostitution, the more violence there will be, and the more the only way to survive is deaden everything that makes her human.

Prostitution is built on making women and girls sex objects.

Scream that loud and clear.

It can never be safe if women and girls are just objects.

Don’t tinker with making it safer, not while women and girls are dying.


This is a poisonous concept.

It is a concept that delights pimps/managers, for it all about patching up the women and girls and sending back into danger.

But like most of the pimp language is sound decent and like everyone really cares about the safety of prostituted women and girls.

Harm reduction is often the “condoms and coffee” outreach work. This is done by people who think they are doing good.

But how handing out condoms really help. It would only work if the johns had the mentality that they care about the welfare of prostituted woman or girl.

But the average john who fucks a street prostitute sees her as sub-human, so why would he care if she gets a disease or get pregnant. If he gets a disease he got the easy get-out clause that she is a filthy bitch.

Condoms is more about protecting “innocent” women such as the john’s partners, it not about caring about prostituted women and girls.

Hell, if we really cared we would stop the johns treating street prostitutes as sub-humans.

Harm reduction is in the power of managers when it comes to indoors prostitution.

Managers decide if they will intervene or not when the prostitute is violently attacked.

Managers choose to make a huge profit from johns who they know use extreme violence.

Managers decide whether to have alarms, cameras and security or not. And managers decide whether or not this “security” is for show or they can be bother to use it.

Harm reduction is good expression, but it mainly meaningless to vast majority of prostituted women and girls.

We need the abolition of prostitution – not bandaging up the wounds and sending us back in danger.

Yell that loud and clear – abolition.

It not about making safer, or moving chairs on the Titanic. It about making no woman or girl is ever raped, sexually tortured, mentally abused or murdered in the name of prostitution.

Fight for abolition if you really care.


If we want to tackle the sex trade, we must stop parroting the words of pimps.

We must speak the language of human rights, frame it as torture, place the blame firmly on the users of prostitution and those who makes massive profits out of prostitution.

Hell, liberals, the Left and some feminists need to grow up – and imaging you make prostitution pretty.

It is ugly.

Stop listening to pimps, they do not speak for prostituted women and girls.

You are allowing torture to made invisible, you are not seeing the murders, you are allowing the destruction of a whole mass of women and girls.

All that, so you can imagine prostitution is a free choice.

4 responses to “Pimp’s Language

  1. Thank you for this post.
    The part about profit, imo, needs to be stressed more and more. Pimps want to profit- they will profit more from extreme violence used against prostitutes. Violence keeps women in prostitution.

    Who benefits from ‘harm reduction’?
    Whose harm is being reduced, really?


  2. Just been using lots of words like slavery and torture on messageboards to describe prostitution and I will continue to do so.


  3. this is my second time reading through your old posts and i love this one so much! right on the mark! you speak with so much clarity and good common sense, it would be difficult to argue against what you’re saying.


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