Say La La La, and it Will Just Go Away

It has been a terrible week for standing up against the sex trade.

The liberal media has decided that trafficking cannot exist, or it is such a small-scale that it is of no importance.

To believe that is so convenient, for it just a cool way to make any and violence in prostitution disappear.

It  is shutting tight your eyes, shoving cotton wool in your ears and shouting la, la, la.

Trafficking has become a symbol of violence in prostitution. Trafficking is the tip of an iceberg – so whilst liberals choose to ignore the top, millions of women and girls are being destroyed.

It is more important to liberals to argue the toss about statistics, and the use of language. The liberals talk and talk, they write and write, they go to meeting after meeting.

Anything to not know there is real violence that is destroying real prostituted women and girls.

Trafficking is real.

Of course there few arrests, the men that profit from this trade are usually two steps ahead of the law. They are vicious criminals, who treat the women and girls that they trade in as disposable goods, and will use extreme violence to enforce their will.

Of course, the women and girls caught up in this trafficking will be unable to “proper” witnesses. They have been coerced, brainwashed, threaten mentally and physically, raped many times and blackmailed.

How after that would anyone find the courage to expose the bastards that did that.

If was you wouldn’t you be terrified of being murdered if you spoke against the trafficking.

A dangerous myth is that trafficking for the sex trade is just so the women can improve their lifestyles.

Most women in trafficking are held in debt bondage, where they can never get out of prostitution, as it made impossible to ever pay the money back.

I would call that slavery – but that is coz I am furious.

If trafficking in prostitution is so brilliant, how come the majority of traffickers keep the women and girls imprisoned in indoors prostitution, and refuse to let them learn the language of the country they happen to be in.

But shout la, la, la and imagine it is pretty, it is easy and so damned safe.

To not believe in trafficking is a choice, and that choice is destroying and killing far too many prostituted women and girls.

Not believing, it to say loud and clear I do not care about any violence, for I want the freedom to use prostitution when and if I like. I want to know that I can do any violence and know it not be noticed.

Basically liberals are saying prostituted women and girls are scum, but not to our faces.

To our faces there a mass pretense of helping, of being understanding and even pretending to care.

But there is great cruelty behind that kind face.

There is the wanting of prostitutes as a class so men can rape, do sexual violence and spread their hatred of all women without any consequences. Hell, a great many liberals make heroes of men that degrade prostituted women and girls.

Look at the books written, see the films, listen to music, watch TV, go to an art gallery – and know the constant message that making prostituted women and girls into dirt is place on a pedestal by the liberal culture.

Of course these heroes cannot just destroy the prostitute – he must make sure she takes all the blame.

For if it her fault, then how can any of his actions be named as violence.

Make out the prostitute manipulate the man, he just could stop himself from a violence which plainly is not his nature, just this evil women/girl dragged it out of him.

That is a common liberal myth. That johns are little innocents who behaved badly sometimes, but of they always regret their actions.

Well, they regret until the they fuck the next prostitute.

Go on, scream la, la, la and it will all be ok.

Only prostituted women and girls are raped on a mass scale, they are sexually tortured, they are made into the living porn and they are murdered.

This is happening all the time.

It does not stop as liberal discuss whether to say sex worker or prostituted woman, whether statistics can made to fit their world view or not, whether harm reduction really works, whether is all really just a waste of money coz in reality liberal think prostitution should always be available.

I mean it would be a human right abuse to stop men having access to women and girls who are made into fuck machines.

It could not possibly be a human rights issues that prostituted women and girls are made into dirt, just so men can have access to living porn.

Go on with your la, la, la – for I bloody hope you sleep at night, as your ignorance and callousness is on the blood of millions of prostituted women and girls.

3 responses to “Say La La La, and it Will Just Go Away

  1. I hate the liberals’ absolute obsession with language (‘self-definition’, ‘agency’ and all that cowardly disingenuous bullshit) and ‘choice’ while women and girls are dying. It’s fucking disgusting. How on earth can we be arguing over turns of phrase in such a situation? How can we be bleating on about ‘letting women name their own experiences’ because we are too cowardly to say ‘rape is rape’, ‘torture is torture’?

    The liberals, at the end of the day, are happy to accept nonsense about ‘choice’ (choices by and large they would never have to make themselves) because it is easier than facing true hatred and evil. It’s so much easier to believe in the nice-but-lonely johns, and the happy hookers isn’t it?

    Well feminism is not about making us feel better about ourselves. It is about the end to male violence against women, and the end to colusion with it.


  2. So true Rebecca the liberal left-wing males are all singing the same tune la la la, whilst meanwhile innumerable women and girls globally as well as in the UK are reduced to men’s sexual masturbatory objects.

    Men’s pseudo unlimited sex right to women and girls must never be challenged or even criminalised because according to left-wing males and their female apologists it is all about ‘choice and agency.’

    As you say, Rebecca, these left-wingers and academic cohorts busy themselves with justifying prostitution by analysing and co-opting terms such as ‘choice and agency’ because it makes them look very clever and oh so academically minded.

    Meanwhile the Johns, pimps and male traffickers are having a good laugh because they know they will not be prosecuted and it is business as usual, with more and more women and girls becoming entrapped in this rape industry.

    Yet we supposedly live in a civilised society? Civilised why we haven’t progressed very far since the first time a man decided ‘hey I’ve an idea let’s have certain women and girls declared ‘sub-human’ so that other men and boys can commit sexual violence against them, through rape and using these women’s and girls’ bodies as masturbatory objects. No one will object because we men will declare all women and girls to be either ‘virgins or whores.’ Women will soon learn to submit to men’s demands because no woman will want to be labelled a ‘prostitute’ will she since those beings are not human are they?

    Good work libertarian left-wing men you have managed to mythologise prostitution and trafficking of women into sexual slavery in one stroke, by having a pro-prostitution article published in a pseudo left-wing (mens’ rights) newspaper and the politicians are falling over themselves in distancing themselves from those ‘dreadful feminists who have been busily dreaming up mythical statistics and mythical women who have supposedly been subjected to male sexual violence.’ The real victims of course, are the innocent johns, pimps, brothel owners and businesses which make huge profits quite literally off the backs of certain women and girls.


  3. For me the failure to convict traffickers says more about the government departments and the police than it does about trafficking. They didn’t succeed so they just give up after a first attempt. Most people don’t succeed on a first attempt at anything. To want to give up so soon is to let down every trafficked woman, prostituted woman and is also letting down all women as if this kind of abuse is so unimportant it is only worth a small half hearted attempt. No wonder they couldn’t convict hardly anyone when they don’t have proper laws in place to do so. How convenient for people just to write this issue off.


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