So Many Discounted

I am still full of fury, it is still making so damned sick.

Whenever I imagine I empty myself of all the stupid words said about prostituted women and girls, I slap almost unconscious by more words.

I am continually reminded that one the major role of the prostituted woman or girl is not have feelings that can be hurt. Her role is be whatever stereotype others want.

To be a “true” prostitute, you must abandon that you have an individuality.

And we are meant to be calm about that. Dammit I have enough of pleasing, or being a role to stop a little of the violence.

I want to speak as a prostituted woman, but if that is all you see me as, that give me the right to dismiss you.

In this post, I wish to write of the dangers of placing prostituted women and girls into neat boxes.

Every time you imagine you have pigeon-holed what a prostitute is, I would want you to know the opposite, and you may some glimpses of the truth.


Of course, a great many women and girls that enter the sex trade are driven by poverty.

But it cannot be that simple.

Not when so many women and girls in poverty do not become prostituted. When many prostituted women and girls do not “need” the money.

The women and girls from middle classes or even from upper class must be counted.

They may enter the sex trade out of rage or a sense that they are rebelling. They may be smooth talked into prostitution by a “boyfriend”. They may go into the sex trade because they are so used to abuse that they no longer give a damn.

It really does not matter why they enter, it matters more that they will be raped, tortured and murdered if the john decide to do that.

Having or not having money, makes no difference to the men who buys the prostitute. It makes no difference to pimps or managers who make a profit out of making her into a sex object.

No, the sex trade wants and needs women and girls from all backgrounds, to cater for all markets.

Some men want to fuck a women who desperate for the money, so he can degrade her with his power.

Some men want to force a middle/upper class prostituted into humiliation and are may use violence to ram home his superiority.

All men want to fuck prostitutes to say I now am the master – all women whatever their background are just scum.

See that prostituted women and girls come everywhere and anywhere, once you discounts some of them – you are giving permission for their rapes, sexual torturing and ultimately murders.


This is another dangerous myth.

Sure, a great many prostituted women and girls were abused as children. But also, many women and girls that entered the sex trade were not abused as children.

For many young women, prostitution is unreal, and in its unreality appears glamorous, easier than working, quick way to make money, a brilliant way to shock your parents – let’s be frank the media shows that prostitution is cool for young women.

The sex trade manipulates images of prostitution to draws in these young women.

There are constant propaganda that prostitution is safe, a place where young women can have control, that it is easy to leave if you not comfortable, that you will only go with respectable men etc etc.

No wonder so many young women enter the sex trade.

Also, there the tricks of getting them into prostitution sideways.

Doing lap-dancing, and earning extras to go with “special clients” – said to be a one-off only those one-offs become regular. Working in a sauna, and only earning a decent wage if you do sexual “extras”.

Many women that are trapped into prostitution by these tricks come from happy backgrounds.

To believe that prostitution is just simply connected to child abuse is insulting and dangerous.

Many women who survived child abuse do not end up prostituted, most that do had some connection to the sex trade as a child.

I, for instance, was abused as a child. But in that abuse there was loads of comparing me to a “whore”. When I run away from home, I often ended up in areas where there was prostitution.

And most important I was forced-fed hard-core porn that taught me that all I was an object to be fucked and tortured.

So I was made ready for prostitution, through being brainwashed to know that my only role was to be a whore.

When looking at the connection of child abuse and prostitution, please open your minds to that it that is highly complex – not some simple straight line that may ease your conscience.


Another easy myth, another simple way to discount so many prostituted women and girls.

Of course, some prostituted women and girls are addicted to illegal drugs – but never say all, for that is just nonsense.

What I hate about this myth is that makes the hate and violence of the sex trade and johns invisible.

Many prostituted women and girls that are addicted to illegal drugs, were put onto them by pimps, managers or “boyfriends” as a means of control. It is a sure-fire of keeping them working if they have “earn” enough to get the drug that may ease their pain for a short while.

Many prostituted women and girls were clean before being prostituted – but living in a world where rape is normal, where you have to be chocked on penises regular, where strangulation is normal, where tomorrow is a million miles away – it fairly normal to need drugs to force out the reality.

But, not all prostituted women and girls take illegal drugs. They count as well.

I never took illegal drugs – I drink myself almost dead. I could not take illegal drugs, for I know I would kill myself. I could not take illegal for I knew some women that I loved that died from heroin.

But prostituted  women and girls who not on drugs are not safe from the raping, they are still beaten up and can be murdered. After all, she has no control over what the man wants to do.

What makes me sick, is so much of the “help” for prostituted women and girls is simply connected to whether they are addicted to drugs or not. This discounts a whole mass of prostituted women and girls who living inside conditions of torture, but choose to stay off drugs.

We need see beyond simple images of the prostitute, if we really care about their safety.


No form of prostitution is safe enough to make it worth while keeping.

All prostitution is controlled by whether the john makes the choice to be violent or not – from that point of view the environment that it occurs in is of little or no importance.

Men rape all prostitutes, they just sometimes make the choice not to rape them.

Men beat up all prostitutes, they just sometimes make the choice not to beat them up.

Men use all prostitutes to act hard-core porn fantasies, they just sometimes choose to pretend they nothing of porn.

Men can kill any prostitute whenever he wants, they just leave that for special occasions.

So unless we can stop men’s hate and violence to prostituted women and girls – no form of prostitution can ever be made safe.

And being made safer is not good enough – not with the slow genocide of prostituted women and girls.


All myths of prostitution is placing prostituted women and in grave danger. Think outside the stereotypes.

It is an emergency – so don’t discount prostituted women and girls just coz they don’t fit in with your narrow image.

Just remember any woman and girl can be prostituted – then imagine it is you.

Maybe then we can start saving lives.

One response to “So Many Discounted

  1. Why is the focus always on the woman and on her background and not on the Johns and pimps?
    A woman is not a prostitute because of poverty, drugs or child abuse but she is a prostitute because we live in a society that thinks it is ok to buy and sell a human being. Do people not realise that one day this could be them and could happen to them?


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