My Brain May Explode

I feel that I have not been able to write, because my PTSD has hit me so terribly. It is at those times the rubbish that others speak about prostitution seems to fly at me from all angles.

I know this is because I close down these messages when I am well. They are there all the time, everywhere – but to survived and thrive I have to not let it in too much.


Now this shit is dragged out often as closing argument.

It means prostitution is just a job, someone has to do it. It might dirty, might have some risk, might be boring – but hell it not as bad as being a cleaner/ working in MacDonald’s.

Well, for me and the vast majority of prostituted women and girls, it not “just a job”, it should classed as torture and all too often sexual slavery.

What ordinary job consists of rape after rape after rape after rape after rape.

If a cleaner is raped, it is consider normal. It is an outrage.

You do not get raped in MacDonald as just part of the job.

But prostituted women and girls are made into objects that men can rape as often, with as much variety as their little minds can think of.

Prostituted women and girls are raped with the full permission of their bosses – for the more rapes the bigger the profit.

If you make the chose to say prostitution is just a job – then at least be honest, and labeled it as the rape industry.

See that prostitution is most profitable, when women and girls are forced to be tortured.

Profit is made from making the prostituted women and girls sub-humans, they are just goods to be fucked and dispose of.

Men want prostitutes so they can do all the porn that do not do to “good/real” women.

If that is like MacDonald’s, then I would say only if the employee is pushed into the hot fat.


Now my head had just explored.

Another of the constant remainders that prostituted women and girls are never full humans.

Is not rape to be gang-raped, is not anal sex where you lose consciousness and bleed for several days not rape, is not being choked on penis/penises/objects not rape, is being strangled whilst being penetrated not rape.

It is always rape with all women and girls,expect prostituted women and girls.

We, the prostitute, should know that is our only purpose.

And we are also doing a great social duty by preventing men doing these acts of sexual violence and hate on the innocent, good and real women and girls.

Christ, it so hard not to be sarcastic here.

But does how anyone with a straight face say it not rape – especially feminists and the Left.

The vast majority of prostituted women and girls are raped so often and with such violence – that they can no longer feel. To survive they must blocked out all the rapings, for they have no space or time for trauma – for there is always another rapist wanting his turn.

Prostitution is the rape industry.


This is often when it “discover” that some prostituted women and girls were abuse before entering the sex trade.

It is claimed we confused a little bit of rough sex with our past abuse. We don’t understand it just a bit of fun.

Why the hell don’t we just lighten up.

Well, yes I was abused as a child – but I know violence and hate and degradation when it is in every cell of my body.

That was prostitution for me.

Abuse is central to prostitution.

It is the way to control and owned the women and girls.

Mental abuse is used to forced out any fight or spirit in the individual woman or girl. She is forced to believed she worth nothing but being a fuck-object, that is her only worth. She is made to believe she wants violence, that is to be a rebel.

Abuse as violence is the norm for the majority of prostitution.

It is normal that women/girls are seasoned into prostitution by getting the most violent or degrading johns to see if she last the course.

Violence is highly profitable, most johns do not go to do what they can do to any old woman – they want to spread their hate onto a live woman or girl. That is what prostituted women and girls are forced to live through.

That is torture pure and simple.


I may write another piece some other time.

For now my brain is exploding that others can so easier dismiss the violence that is prostitution.

That violence is allowing murdering of prostituted women and girls to go unnoticed.

That violence is saying that the brutal raping of prostituted women and girls is just a risk of the jobs – or bad choices of johns.

That violence is giving exited prostituted women a lifetime of extreme trauma.

That violence is destroying their bodies.

That violence is destroying their right to be full human beings, and giving no access to basic human rights.

I cannot live in a world that ignore that destruction.

It is not a job – it is a destruction of prostituted women’s and girl’s right to be whole humans.

3 responses to “My Brain May Explode

  1. Great post. This so called ‘industry’ is destroying women and girls on a worldwide scale, but people are too cowardly to face it, and instead prefer to take the easy way out by believing pro-industry apologists and punters’ excuses. Feminism is failing the most vulnerable, most abused women and girls in the world- a feminism that does not oppose the rape industry is no feminism at all.


  2. Well said Rebecca because prostitution is rape is rape.

    I always say one cannot claim to be a feminist and support prostitution, pornography or the sex industry because they are part of the same system. Namely justifying the actions of men who choose yes choose to buy women and girls for the purpose of raping and/or committing other forms of sexual torture against them.

    As Rebecca said prostitution is NOT like working in McDonalds. Why don’t the prostitution aplogists work in prostitution wherein they are the ones having innumerable strange males commit rape and other forms of sexual violence on and in their bodies. Then see if they still think prostitution is better than working in McDonalds.


  3. I like how you call it “the rape industry” its a better term than “sex industry” because lets face it, it is more about rape than it is about sex I am going to refer to it as this from now on.
    I don’t think it is hard to understand that women don’t choose or like being prostitutes all you have to do is to put yourselves in their shoes and think would I enjoy doing it or want to do it? I bet if there was a survey asking whether people would prefer to work as a prostitute or work as a cleaner 100 percent would say a cleaner.
    But then people think it is ok for other women to do it even though they wouldn’t do it themselves.
    I agree with jennifer to those people who think prostitution is so great why don’t you go and do it? The reasons why these people wouldn’t do it themselves are the exact reasons why no one should be doing it.


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