Goodbye to Chiswick

I have been talking to my brother, and this week my Dad and stepmum’s house has finally been sold.

This is so sad, and has made their deaths extremely near again, they are so deeply missed.

Our house in Chiswick was with us from 1972, so was my London hideaway for the majority of all the changes I went through.

It was a safe place, when all else was chaos. It was a place where I was loved regardless of my out of control behaviour. It was place where I remember that I had intelligence.

I miss them so much.

I miss the meals. The breakfast surround by papers and pointless chatting with jazz or light classics in the background. The lunches on the move, then sometimes with order of soup and salad. The suppers with light teasing, good wines and delicious lamb, curries, pork, fish – and most bloody good company.

I miss their ability to run wonderful parties. Dinner parties that were so relaxed, cocktail parties where everyone is so happy to know each. Parties where drink and food just flows, and everyone was just pleased to be invited.

I really miss events. Dad and Judy made Christmas so special. For Dad and Judy never forgot the magic of Christmas, sure we would get grumpy, snap at each other – but always there was a deep love with that side of my family. Christmas was made of magic and deep respect when I was with them.

I miss Cornwall so much, for to me it is hard to go to Cornwall, when all my associations there are happy memories with my Dad’s family. I cry even if I see Cornwall on TV.

I miss my London walks with Dad, walking seeing history, looking up for architecture details, sitting in parks chatting on any and everything. I miss going to art galleries, we loved so many of the same artists. I miss seeing plays with Dad and Judy.

I miss our pub lunches, by the Thames or in small country pubs.

I miss watching films as I get annoyed that they talk over it. I miss watching football with Dad.  I miss our constant chats about books of all types.

They were loved by everyone who had them in their lives.

I felt privilege to be their family.

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