Listening to Northern Soul

Through my emotional and physical exhaustion, I will attempt to get back on the horse with this blog.

I thought one angle was to tackle what I found hard to hear in the question time on Saturday, what is chasing round and round. What has sent me back to the terror that was prostitution.

I know it was a sound audience, and that idiots were kept away. I know that as a panel we dealt with skill with dodgy questions.

I know damned well that I was powerful in the question time.

But, all that does not mean I have not been sent back into hell. I could say I have been triggered, only it was my choice to be there.

The thing that quite fucked me up was the word “normalisation” used to describe prostitution.

That word is a deep insult to the vast majority of prostituted women and girls.

What the hell is normal about raped so often that you lose all feelings, that you cannot even name as abuse.

What is normal about men thinking they have the right to have a living porn-toy.

What is normal that pimps/managers sell women and girls without any regard to their physical and mental welfare – without giving a damned if their goods are murdered.

What is bloody normal about that the women that often have a lifetime of extreme trauma.

If you decide that is normal, then I suggest that you get some therapy.

But, if must seen as normal, coz we can’t possibly criticise the buying and selling of women and girls, couldn’t possibly say that is a form of slavery, that is involves torture, brainwashing, and slow destruction of everything that makes her a full human.

That would be outrageous, and upset the poor johns, pimps, managers and their hordes of supporters.

Then we come to questions about why johns do what they do.

Isn’t it clear, they do to have complete and utter control over a woman or girl, and because no-one is punishing them. They do whatever they want, with no regard to her safety, to that she has a life outside of him, that she may in terror, that she get a disease or pregnant off his few moments of taking power.

It is not complicated, it is made complicated because so many choose to believe the myths and excuses that men invent to make their hate and violence invisible.

No man has the right to have sex on demand, especially when he is paying for a whole class of women and girls to be destroy for his glorious orgasm.

Even only one prostitute is tortured just that “sexual relief”, that is one too many. But in reality, it is millions on millions on millions of prostituted women and girls that are tortured every second of the every day in every country in the world.

Don’t care why men do that, we do not have that luxury.

Whilst others debate, and have meetings about meetings, prostituted women and girls are being raped on an industrial scale, are being sexually, mentally and physically torture, are being gang-raped, are closed off from the real world, are making hard-core porn, are having their childhoods stolen.

There is no time to understand the bastards that think they have the right to have sexual slaves.

The bottom line they are criminals, forget about pitying them.

If you have to feel pity, give to the women and girls who are being prostituted this second.

But really, damn your pity, they need to make real changes so they can be free.

Pity should never used for inaction.

I cannot write any more, for the tp of my head is exploring.

I may take time to know how to write.

11 responses to “Listening to Northern Soul

  1. My friend decided to be a prostitute. Her first “job” was last week and he tied her up beat her during sex and made her choke on his penis.
    The escort agency, i don’t know which one, didn’t do anything about it. When she told me about her plans, i searched the web for days trying to convince her not to do it. I found a few women, about 60, who felt empowered by being prostitutes and hundreds of people who supported them.
    She listened to them, instead of the hundreds of stories of prostitutes, former prostitutes, and women whose spouses cheated on them with prostitutes.

    It hurt to see the bruises on her and to see women say it’s okay for her to be a prostitute. I don’t think there is anyway for happy hookers to exist without abused hookers.

    I cried when she told me she wouldn’t quit and it’s good money. I’m crying now.

    Why do we live in a society in which men and women put monetary value on lives? Because that’s what pimps, johns, and happy hookers do. They put money above human decency. How is it okay to be in a business that thousands, maybe millions long to escape from? How is it okay for a women to rent out her orifices, as if she’s renting out an apartment for a couple of hours? How is it okay for women to be seen as money hungry and prostitutes being the “upfront” ones?, which is an agrument I’ve seen many times. Why are men, women, and children commodities?
    I think that pro-prostitution people have delusioned themselves to think that their “profession” is healthy and just like or better than another.

    I don’t know how to save my friend and apparently some people don’t think she needs to be saved. I respect you so much for standing up and having the strength to tell your story. I look forward to the day were a human is more than their mouthes, anuses, vaginas, breast, and ass. Where women are equal and the most profitable jobs for them are not modeling or prostitution.


  2. Didn’t the woman who asked that question (and I may be wrong) mean ‘normalisation’ as in that prostitution is increasingly accepted as normal? Which doesn’t mean that she thought it *should* be.


  3. Thank you for your reply. And you are right; many prostitutes don’t see the harm they do to themselves and others. Do you know any escorts who have got out? Do they know a way for her to make a clean break. The agency apparently booked her with the same guy and she’s so scared, I think i have convinced her to stop, but we don’t know if the agency will just let her go. I think the man has offered a lot of money for him and some friends to use her.could she just not show up to the appointment? I’m really scared. I don’t want her to go, but i don’t want the agency to come after her either.


  4. There are probably outside organisations who can help your friend, but in the meantime why don’t you phone up the agency on her behalf and tell them she’s ill and so she won’t be able to do appointment. Just keep feeding them excuses but stonewall them at the same time. Don’t let them talk you round and tell them she can’t talk to them as she’s ill, because they’ll probably want to get her on the phone to bully her into doing it. She’s not obliged to do anything for them. I guess you are worried about violence from them. Use 141 I think it is to hide your phone number from them.

    It’s possible that the first guy she saw was actually working on behalf of the agency to “season” her into accepting worse and worse treatment from punters.

    Then call the police if they get threatening. If she’s really scared, there’s Women’s Aid who might offer her refuge in a secret location.


  5. She basically needs to cut herself off from them completely and she owes them no explanations whatsoever. Nobody has to make excuses as to why they don’t want to be raped.


  6. Another important thing for you to do personally, in my opinion, is to tell her that she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way, that it is not okay, and that it is not acceptable. She’s likely going to be hearing otherwise from the agency and the pro-industry people. Make sure she knows that she can come to you, that she has somewhere to go.

    She’s lucky to have a friend like you. I wish you and her all the best. I’ll see if I can find out anything useful to help you.


  7. I think it is very important to stay safe, so I am not too sure if it is wise to phone the agency, and really think you try not into get their radar. For they sound very dangerous and callous people.

    You are a wonderful friend, you should be very proud of yourself.

    Your friend does not have to any more work for this agency, they do not owned her.

    I will write to you privately, as I believed it very hard to give you the right support in an public arena.


  8. Also, I’d be sure to call things what they are: she was raped by that punter, and the fact that she was given money doesn’t make it any less rape. Agency/ pro-industry people will use different language to normalise it, or make her thing that this was a job of work that ‘got out of hand’- it was not, it was rape. No two ways about it.
    Being raped is nobody’s job.


  9. The only reason I thought calling them might be an option was because at the moment there only seems to be going or not going on the table – and the fear that that is causing might make Stephanie’s friend think she had to go through with it anyway.

    Also, if these people are very vengeful, they might use Stephanie’s friend not turning up as an excuse to go after her and say that she “owed” them because they’d lost money from the punter.

    But obviously staying safe is the most important thing here. So whatever that takes.


  10. Thanks for your suggestions. She’s not going to the appointment, but the agency keeps calling. I do think they will be mad to loose money.


  11. Good luck to your friend and to you, Stephanie. She’s lucky to have you to support her and let her know that what was being done to her was wrong.


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