Damned Polanski

I do not like to write about the “news” on this blog,  but the sympathy for Roman Polanski is getting my goat.

It just the language and attitudes have sent me back to how it was living with my stepdad.

All the language of poor suffering artist, man who is misunderstood.

And the classic – she consented. Or as Polanski said he had “sex with a young woman”.

Basically we mustn’t judge any abuser, wasn’t some kind of mistake ,or just more likely, that society doesn’t understand the respect and the love.

It is highly disturbing how much liberals want to let abusers off the hook.

This is highly triggering for me, coz Polanski was a hero to my stepdad.

I am absolutely sure he is a hero to many child rapists.

He is the image the smug attitude that it just a silly mistake.

We must excuse Polanski coz he had suffered. This is true – but –

But the vast majority of girls abused as children do go on to rape and mentally abuse others.

But no-one was forcing him to rape a child, he could of stop and got some humanity any time.

No I am sorry about his traumas, but that is no excuse for destroying another person’s life.

But liberals let him off for being a great artist.

Shit, that is just weak.

I think he is a very good director, especially the films from 60’s to early 80’s. To be honest he made two films that I love – “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Chinatown”.

But his actions as an artist must never be used to make his violence invisible.

I love James Brown, but I was bloody pleased when he was put in jail for his violence .

Being  famous should never be a free pass to treating women and children as pieces of dirt.

But every day, famous people get little or no punishment for raping children, for beating up their partners, for abusing women and girls in the sex trade – for being like the majority of men thinking it no big deal to make women and children want to be dead or to just murder them.

For if we choose to allow famous men to go unpunished, we are sending out the message that men can and will whatever violence they like. Just make sure it done to women and children, for they are unimportant.

I very much doubt that Polanski will be punished.

But at least the world knows he is a bastard.

5 responses to “Damned Polanski

  1. Yes indeed if convicted rapist Polanski escapes a prison sentence this will indeed send a clear message to all powerful white men – you can rape and commit sexual violence at will against women and children, because society says it is okay.

    Marcella Chester of Abyss2hope has an excellent post on rape apologism and Marcella also states Polanski engaged in recording child porngraphy. How does this make the misogynistic self-serving male left feel? Oh it is of no importance I hear them say.

    Polanski ‘had sex with a 13 year old girl?’ No Polanski raped, sodomised and inflicted other sexual violence on a 13 year girl as well as forcing her to consume alcohol in order to make it easier for him to commit his rapes and sexual violence.

    Polanski the classic sexual predator, Polanski the man who was charming to the mother and deluded journalists because he is ‘respectable’ ah that is very familiar to me. I’ve experienced such men engaged in playing the ‘respectable, charming role’ whereas in fact they are deliberately manipulating and controlling their victim.

    Polanski I’m afraid will get away with his crimes because white powerful men consider pseudo male sex right to women and girls is a right which must never be successfully challenged.


  2. Jennifer -Thanks for your comment.
    I agree with everything you said- though I do not think it just about white powerful men getting away with, but it send a strong message to all men that choose to use violence against women and children.
    I am finding it hard to be clear-thinking coz trauma is so bad. But what I mean is every time there big publicity making male violence to women and children as excusable, it gives all male abusers free reign to continue.
    I really don’t what their background is or what excuses these men make for their violence – rape is rape, battery is battery and treating women and children like shit is unforgivable.


  3. I agree, Jennifer. Regardless of Polanski’s actual conviction(“unlawful sex with a minor”), he was charged with the crimes of “lewd and lascivious act upon a child under fourteen”, “sodomy on a person”, “unlawful sexual intercourse”,”rape by use of drugs”, “perversion” and “furnishing a controlled substance to a minor” and I think the media bear some responsibility for minimizing the gravity his crimes. The phrase “had sex with a 13 year-old girl” is a travesty.


  4. Don’t give up all liberals. There are some, like me, who think that polanski deserves to rot in jail. Which he does.


  5. I hate Roman Polanski. You are right, Rebecca – he is just one of the many rich and famous bastards to be let off the hook for rape, and I also think it was sodomy, too? I personally don’t give a crap how “talented” he is. That is no excuse. I hated Rosemary’s baby because of the rape scene in the film; no matter how silly it looked-it is still rape. I can imagine why Polanski is a hero to some (all?) men. He did the unthinkable, and tasted the forbidden fruit-a young girl. I believe that ALL men have fantasized about engaging in sexual acts with an underage girl. My good friend was raped several times when she was a BABY by some satanic group! Its like-how far are men willing to go to get what they want; what they feel entitled to in this revolting patriarchy in which we live in?? I was a prostitute many moons ago, and came in contact with famous and rich men. I’m not going to go into all of their perversions, because that would take forever. I am a rape survivor, and HAVE thought about hurting males of all ages because of what was done to me; oh yes I have…I hope you and I can heal someday because of what MEN have chosen to do to us. When other women defend men, it makes me feel very violent. Thanks for letting me vent.


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