What Do You Mean by Choice

Choice is always dragged as the ultimate reason why the sex trade is ok.

It is choice of men to buy women and girls for sex.

It is a choice to watch hard-core porn.

It is a choice for women to be prostituted.

It is a choice of women to allow sexual violence to be perform on them.

It is a choice to have a free market in porn and prostitution.

It is a choice to ignore the ongoing violence that is done in the name of the sex trade.

It is a choice to make deaths of women and girls in the sex trade go unnoticed.

It is a choice to say there is nothing can be done to change or get rid of the sex trade.

It is a choice to have highly inadequate exiting schemes.

It is a choice to focus on harm reduction.

It is a choice to view women and girls in the sex trade as sub-humans.

It is a choice to make men that used women and girls in the sex trade as just having fun, they are just boys being boys.

It is a choice to make all rapes invisible by naming them work, rough sex or just a mistake.

It is a choice to say that women and girls will do sex that “nice” women won’t.

It is a choice to decide that the buying and selling of women and girls is not sexual slavery.

It is a choice to say these women and girls have free choice.

So what do you mean by choice.

3 responses to “What Do You Mean by Choice

  1. I apreciate your posts a lot,they make me at the same time revolted,impressed,sad and inspired to fight sexism.However,i would like you to write more about the female sexism,about those women from hell who support prostitution and pornography.I guess they are the majority around the world,considering the increasing of the sexual market.If a large number of women says “ok”,so,we won´t make many progress.We must fight them hardly as well.My sister is one of them and even thought she has been victim of sexual hassment at her work,she insists on this insane idea as well as many brazilian women.We are the favorities for sexual traffick in South America due this women´s “sense of liberty and power over men”,and the most surprisiling is the fact that the “choice idea” is more supported by women then by men(in our case).

    Men created the system,but we can´t denay the majority of women supports and defends it.I think you should write more about that…i personally think this kind of woman more disgusting than the men.Honestly,i don´t think they deffend such violences because they are “ignorant about the true facts” but because they are cruel,highly sexist and have no consideration to other women.They are the wives,the sisters,the mothers,the relatives,the female friends,the fake feminists,the guardians of the jonhs,the ones how say” that´s ok,men are like that..men has always been like that” or “I forgive you for sleeping with a whore,i know it was not your fault” and similar shits.

    Those women are not allies,they are enemies and must de seeing like that.

    hugs and peace for you.


  2. Thanks so much Isolda for your passion.

    I do agree that the women that support the sex trade make it easier for men’s violence to be invisible. For these women make it seem either that it just happens to “bad” women, and so they deserved it; or they make it is just the nature of men to treat women and girls in the sex trade as sub-humans.

    I do think that a few women who believe this are haters of other women and see these women as dirt, in order to make themselves feel superior.
    But, I do believe the vast majority of women that support the sex trade are unaware of the reality of the true horrors of it.

    This is because the sex trade and the men that run it have control on how the media and our societies view the conditions.
    There is painted a false image that it is empowering and liberating for women and girls.
    This is a lie – but this lie is everywhere – it very hard for the majority of women to see past the lie.

    I choose to make the focus of this blog on how male violence and control is the foundation of the sex trade.
    I fully know that some women gain power and control by having roles in the sex trade as managers, making porn, running brothels and controlling finances etc.
    But the major controllers and users of the sex trade are men.

    And the vast majority of rapes, sexual tortures, mental abuse and murders are done by men not women.


  3. yes,you are right in many points but in Brazil,it´s easy to find high-class whores writting books about how good prostitution is and there is a hight resistence from brazilian women to fight porn and prostitution.I have contact some organizations abroad and could see that in Northern countries,you can find dozen of anti-porn and anti-prostutition groups but you won´t find a single one in Brazil.I have been had a great difficult to find women for that,they always come up with that s* talking of freedom of speech.

    If we consider that the intense media pro-porn and pro-prostitution takes places everywhere in the globe,the only thing that explain why european and american women( exemples,there are many others countries involved in this fight)unite against the sex trade and brazilian women don´t,is:they are real and devoted supporters.
    I sent some material from the organizations to friends abroad and they got revolted and replayed that´s something we must stopp,but i have never had this result in my own country.

    You don´t need to write about those women,but what i would like you to see is many women in this world are not that innocent and free of guilty.If they were,it would be easy,it would be just to write blogs,panflets,etc and they would wake up and join the fight,but that´s not what we see happening.You can even find women supporting rape!A mother was arrested here because she suported pedofily with her own daughter.

    Jonhs are monsters,no doubt about it,but everytime when i read your blog i remmember the women who just say “i don´t care”.These women destroy all the efforts made.

    hugs,peace and strengh for you.


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