The Language Men Use

This post come from the depths of my sickness, and is based on the words men say about prostituted women and girls.

It is the language of entitlement, the language of the conqueror.

Men do not rape, they receive sexual relief.


So prostitutes are just there for nothing, but for men masturbating into them on demand.

Men who fuck  prostituted women and girls, whether she is tired, injured, confused, scared or just bored.

Men who obviously don’t know how to masturbate with their own hands on their own penis.

I never realise men were as stupid as all that.

Men want to get relief, whether or not the woman or girl is in danger or terrified.

I say go to hell, your relief is in your own hands, leave women and girls alone.

Men say –

Don’t you know the prostitute uses the man.

Am I meant to laugh at that.

I mean a man buys a woman or a girl. He buy her to do whatever porn fantasy he wants.

He pays her for then she cannot or should not say no.

She is his possession.

But then.

Then his porn fantasy tells him she has the power, she is controlling him – god, she has taken his money, hasn’t she.

This fantasy is just another excuse for violence to punish the woman and girl for just doing what he was paying for.

He re-framed any raping, any bashing up and any sexual torture into the classic she was asking for it.  She was too big for her boots.

She made him feel small – he was degraded.

He was degraded how.

Who has penises forced down their throat, who has been gang-raped, who has sperm in their face, who has do anal sex over and over.

He was degraded because he was made to do sexual acts that were dirty, forced by the horrid whore.

Men say this rubbish with a straight face, they are so desperate to be the victim.

But, prostitutes are paid to do as they are order without question.

If a man wants to gang-rape, wants to perform violent anal sex, wants to cum on her face, wants to beat her up, wants to make her unconscious – it is his decision.

She will just perform and try to stay alive, and relatively uninjured.

But men do all that and say it is not violence, it is not rape.

For they say over and over how women (girls suddenly vanish), are prostitutes out of choice and coz they just love fucking loads of strange men.

Usually as they say this, they get a “happy hooker” to hide behind.

They find a woman to say she enjoys the thrill of prostitution, she has so much independence, she makes a small fortune, lives on her own terms etc etc.

She is a porn invention, and if she does exists, only a tiny minority of johns would pay to be with her.

No, johns pay to be in control and to degrade women and girls.

For johns hate women and girls.

Of course they lie about the motivations.

Johns will always say they are respectful and loving to the prostituted woman or girl.

Utter bullshit, the vast majority of johns are cruel, violent and love to degrade.

Even johns who think they are gentle and caring, do so in a way that reminds the prostitute that she is just a possession.

She can be petted and rewarded, and she can be smashed and thrown away.

Johns always know they are in control, that is why they invent language to hide that reality.

That is why it is best never to mention sexual slavery.

That would shine too bright a light on who they are.

3 responses to “The Language Men Use

  1. The john’s ‘respect’ for the prostitute he is using lies in the fact that he is not beating her up, even though he could. Wow, what a prince. It’s still rape.

    Johns love to make themselves the victim. They hear about the abuse, rape and torture of prostitutes and their main concern is that we regard them as the good guys, the ones who choose not to torture, but only to rape ‘nicely’.


  2. Everything is a reversal with prostitute users – they are the victim, they are exploited, their hatred becomes love, their degradation of women becomes respect for them. The prostituted woman becomes stigmatised and shamed when it is the john who should face the stigma, he who should feel the shame for what he does. Nothing sticks to the sexual exploiter, the sexual destroyer. His conscience remains free and clean.

    What would it cost these men to be honest about who they are and what they do? I’d like to know what they would lose, because they are willing to sacrifice woman after woman to hold on to it.


  3. Men who rape and/or commit any form of sexual/physical/pyschological violence against any woman or girl all commonly use the same excuses. Namely they are supposedly ‘the real victims’ and the female victim is the oppressor/perpetrator.

    In our male supremacist culture it is essential the truth must always remain hidden or dismissed as ‘feminists create victims.’ In fact women are not supposed to define what happened to them was ‘victimisation’ because this supposedly means the woman is now defined as a ‘victim.’ But male violence against women is all about committing injury and damage to the woman’s body and/or mind and if we cannot state what has happened to her, then the male violence becomes invisible.

    Men, however, are allowed to claim ‘they were victims of prostituted women’ because ‘being a male victim’ does not alter their status or power – rather it reinforces it. Only the dominant group can define what is and is not ‘a victim’ and given men as a group are the ones who continue to have social and economic power then not surprisingly they define ‘victimhood.’

    The Johns and men who commit violence against women all engage in denial because it is essential they are not held accountable or responsible for their criminal and inhuman acts committed against women. Which is why these men and their apologists twist the truth so that prostituted women suddenly become the exploiters and female rape survivors supposedly ‘provoke/cause/are to blame’ for men raping them.


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