Is “Consent” Some Kind of Magic

Men are obsessed with proving that women and girls consent to whatever sexual behaviour they are put through.

I find it interesting that the type of man who is obsessed with saying it is consent, may have a nagging doubt that it may be abuse, may be rape – Christ it may be sexual torture.

Consent is formed around the type of woman or girl is being “abused”.

No man or boy would named himself a rapist, so consent becomes something to hide behind.

It does become magic, because all his violence is made to disappear.

There are “nice” girls, the ones you can and should date rape.

If it is called “rough sex” or say you lack experience, then it cannot possibly be rape. No, it is fun.

If she is saying no, she is a tease, or just pretending to be good.

To prepare for date rape, it would necessary to be clue up on techniques – for that overdose on porn.

See there how get a blow-job as your right, do not be afraid of wanting to do anal sex, hell when you cum do it in her face.

That can’t be abuse, for as porn claims over and over and over and over women just pretend they don’t like that.

As porn says no means nothing, but carry on regardless.

Now, me as a writer, will be judgemental – if your idea of sex with is a woman or girl is copied from porn, then you are more than likely an abuser, you have more than likely done rape.

The fact that she said nothing does not make it ok.

Then, men want to imagined that prostituted women and girls consent to whatever is done to them.

That is just pure arrogance.

Most johns are faceless, “just a job”. There is little or no sexual feelings involved for the woman or girl.

What is remembered is the violence that becomes routine.

How dare you imagine prostitutes consent to being close to death, consent to sexual torture, consent to vicious battering, consent to gang-raping, consent to no protection.

How bloody dare you be so damned arrogant.

For once speak the truth. You buy a woman or girl to degrade her, to hate her, to rape her, to bash her up, to make into dirt.

You choose to buy a prostitute, because you complete control and power as she is your sexual slave.

Say that, and then I may be able to listen to you.

But don’t talk about consent, and think all your violence will be magic away.

So as a commenter on my blog –  “Men act, women consent”.

Men just don’t rape, and learn to communicate with women and girls.

At least, give it a try.

2 responses to “Is “Consent” Some Kind of Magic

  1. I’m always amazed at how abusive men think that ‘consent’ magically takes away the harm they commit against women. You’re still responsible for your actions. People can consent under the most appalling circumstances- consent is not an excuse to abuse.


  2. Consent is a myth in our male supremacist society. Instead it is a euphemism for submission given so many men believe all they require from a woman or girl is that magic word ‘yes’ and then suddenly male power and control over women and girls disappears.

    I wonder how many men ‘consent’ to having their money stolen or being physically attacked by another male?

    Guess which biological sex does have the choice of committing rape or not? Men – because contrary to myths men as a group are the ones who define what is and is not ‘consent’ according to male-defined notions. This is why prostituted women supposedly ‘consent’ to men sexually torturing them and even murdering them, because ‘consent’ supposedly nullifies abuse of male power over women and girls.


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