Things I Write As Listen to The Kinks

I need loud music that I know by heart to write this post.

I feel that knowing my reality, knowing my reality is a tiny part of millions of girls and women being made sub-human by the sex trade – I feel this knowledge is breaking my heart into a million pieces.

I look back and see forward, and know I have say that the sex trade is evil in an old-fashioned.

I never say evil, I would never use that word lightly.

I say evil is the destruction of another human on every level, just because it done for power or even worse for fun.

The sex trade continually destroys women and girls in this way, and the vast majority of people on the outside walk on by. They say “that’s bad”, but do little or nothing of any practical use to rid the world of the sex trade.

But bloody face the evil, have the guts to confront it.

Face that when you choose to watch porn called “Pain”, “Torture”, “Teen Sex” , that it not acting.

Face the faces of those “actresses” and see their terror and pain. Face that the “teens” may be prostituted and have little or no choice in making porn.

If you I don’t watch porn, but I wouldn’t stop others having that choice.

Would you mind if your friends torture your pet, would you mind if your friends was the boss of a sweat shop, would you mind if your friend rape you or someone else.

I doubt you like that, but reading porn is ok.

Ok to view women and girls being tortured and made to smile. Ok to view degradation to the point that all hope has gone.

Don’t justify porn, and then say you are caring person.

Why am I or any other woman or girl who has extreme trauma and lifetime of pain, meant to always to tolerate your use of porn.

That crap nearly murdered me, it damned well brought me close to suicide.

Your freedom to view porn is killing women and girls.

It does gives women cancer, it does have high rates of HIV and other deeply serious STDs. It does destroy their mental welfare, that does just go away.

It kills through suicide, through “accidents” in making porn that is highly unnatural and life-threatening. And old-fashioned murder happens in porn, coz the actors are throwaways goods.

So use your porn, but know you backing sexual torturing on a mass scale.

If you are ok with that, I bloody give up.

Of course, justifying prostitution may seem more palatable.

After all, as I am continually being told it is harmless, it just society’s prudery that is the problem.

That is true, if you choose to ignore reality.

Say it a choice and ignore the pain and degradation.

Ignore that most women or girls are tricked or forced into prostitution, most have no idea of the violence that is prostitution.

For you it is just sex, what do you mean by sex.

Is sex for you, having scores of men fucking you without words, without foreplay, without affection, without looking at your face.

Is sex for you, having to do whatever the man wants even when it may be life-threatening, it is extremely painful and may leaving permanent damage to your body and mind.

Is sex for you, a place you have to blanked out just in order to get on with your day-to-day life.

If that is your concept of sex, then I suppose prostitution is ok then.

I am amaze that so many people who claim to be anti-capitalism, seemed to no problem with the buying and selling of women and girls for male hard-ons.

Could it be that the closing down of the sex trade, would force these right-on men to face that they part of industry that was built on slavery, torture, fear, degradation and making piles of money.

If that is not capitalism at it’s rawest then what the hell is it.

If you support prostitution, I don’t see why I have to be polite to you.

Say that you want to fuck anonymously and have the freedom to own a woman or girls – just be that honest.

Don’t bloody justify yourself in the language of her choice, that you are not disrespectful, that it not like trafficking or under-aged girls being prostituted.

Don’t speak that crap, and expect me to care.

I mind you know the full life story of every prostitute that you have ever fuck.

You know she was not coerce, lie to, had low self-esteem, know she was nothing but a sex object.

You know she is not controlled by managers or pimps.

You know that she is “enjoying” your amazing sexual prowess. You know by instinct that she is not in pain or feeling terror.

You know all this coz all johns are mind-readers.

Sorry if even pay once for sex you are a john, sorry to upset your fragile feelings.

So you right-on men who fuck prostituted women and girls as an experience, I have no patience with you.

How can I have any sympathy when you are careless that the women you are fucking is happy, or just able to remember how to feel.

But of course she may smile, so that makes it ok then.

I am not sure if this post makes sense, but the Kinks have finish – and I need to watch football and cricket for some degree of sanity.

2 responses to “Things I Write As Listen to The Kinks

  1. “If you support prostitution, I don’t see why I have to be polite to you.”

    You don’t–and none of us should. Johns should be shunned.



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