But, Isn’t It Just Cool

Sometimes, I think my brain will explode with fury at the million and one excuses that men on the Left make for ignoring the sex trade.

Maybe if I write a few excuses that sickened and place despair into my heart, maybe then I can face men from the Left. Without wanting to scream, without wanting to get a punch-bag with their faces on.

All I know is men from the Left are just johns and pimps, as much as men from the Right or Liberal men.

All men want to continue having a class of women and girls that they can buy and sell to fuck over.

The few men that are fully against the sex trade comes from all political backgrounds.

They just stand out in that are fully prepare to live with male contempt and ridicule, in striving to get women and girls in the sex trade the rights to be fully human.

These men are extremely rare, and all too often it is a disguise so a woman lets her defenses down.

After all, saying you “care” about women having rights, is a damned good way to get laid.


Now that is said with a straight face.

I could say children smile to the camera in sweatshops. Could say music was played in concentration camps. Could say that incest victims adapt to sexual and mental violence.

I could say that, but damned if you would bother to listen.

No, being a “wise” man you feel it your duty to educate how those things are bad and must be ended.

But porn and prostitution are somehow radically different.

After all, in your head no woman (you choose to ignore girls as too uncomfortable) would enter the sex trade/work, unless it was her desire.

You explain slowly how some women just have high sex drive, don’t need relationships – they are less of a prude, you see.

You explain that it not really that bad, any violence is controlled by the women.

Hell, don’t I know that that most users of porn and prostitution are manipulated by women in the the sex trade.  Don’t I know that it the women that have the real power.

I say nothing.

Just swallow my bile.


When you mention violence, you always say over and over and over that violence in the sex trade is never as bad as it seems.

If I may say violence I have known and seen. I get endlessly from men on the Left, oh that’s just your story.

I am told not to manipulate the “facts” with the personal.

Then, I am bombarded with how most johns, sorry men that choose to be with prostitutes, treat them with respect and dignity.

It only weirdos and of course men on the Right that use violence on prostituted women and girls.

Hell, not in my memory, not from the words of women who survived the sex trade all over the world.

Men sexually tortured prostituted women and girls come from the Left.

They go to meetings deploring slavery and torture of “worthy” victims – then switch on torture-rape on the net, or viciously rape an escort.

They join charities to stop child abuse worldwide – then thumb through magazines “Barely Legal”, or go street prostitutes who look young.

They deplore the violence done to animals – but as they rape, batter, tie up, strangle or murder women in the sex trade – they say well she wanted it – see, she was smiling.

Damned it, why should I take men on the Left seriously.


I thought I could write about this, but it destroys me the betrayal.

I always wanted to fit into the Left.

As I struggle to survive prostitution and porn, I imagine that the Left would care about women like me.

I thought I would be safe with the Left. I was a fool.

I learn t quickly that if any man hears the word “prostitute”, he loses any sensitivity and just thinks in porn.

He may do the romantic “whore” from literature or history written from the point of views of johns and pimps.

In that view, he places me as a powerful woman in control of how she uses sex to control men.

He is not worth talking to, coz he refuses to see any violence or degradation that is the norm of the sex trade.

Or another Left tactic, is how prostitution or porn is just there so that men will not be violent to “normal” women.

In this view, it is fake violence in the sex trade, but it releases the negative energy of men who might rape, batter or murder women.

Can’t I see that porn and prostitution are decreasing male violence.

Not really, it never seemed fake as a I was raped, battered, brought to the edge of death – as I made to be a throwaway human being.


In the end, all I want is that men on the Left are honest.

Say that you say that brothels should continue – coz you want to fuck prostituted women and girls without your flatmate, girlfriend, mother, sister, wife, women that you work with etc, knowing.

Say that you say prostitution and porn is safe and violence-free – coz you want have a world where just by paying a bit of cash gives permission to rape, make women and girls into dirt – and you can say to yourself it was of no importance.

Say how you can disconnect the sex trade from the evils of capitalism. Can’t you not see the utter exploitation that is the sex trade. Do you not care that is make billions and billions of money by making women and girls into disposable goods.

How dare you speak of sweatshops or other forms of exploitative workings conditions, when you allow women and girls in the sex trade to rot.

But worse, you do this coz you are the johns who need the endless supply of women and girls to be made into living porn for your precious orgasm.

And you wonder why I mad at you.

Bloody grow up, and protect women and girls in the sex trade.

I cannot trust the Left till you stop fucking women and girls in the sex trade. I never trust you, as long as your money make the porn industry carry on destroying women and girls lives.

That is the less you can do for women rights.

7 responses to “But, Isn’t It Just Cool

  1. This post is about men on the Left, for it their consumption which helps to feed the sex trade.

    Of course, I know that some women who are on the Left see nothing wrong with the sex trade, and would consider it to be work like any other work.
    In saying that, they refuse to see or acknowledge the real harms of the sex trade.

    For instance, to compare it to cleaning, only makes sense if you imagine that the woman is the brush shoved down the toilet to clean it.

    Women who choose to consume porn, have chosen to view other women and girls as sub-humans. For if they choose to not see that the women and girls in porn are in real pain and are being degraded, then they are either saying that they deserve it coz of some trait in their personality or that it doesn’t matter coz they are “whores” any way.
    It is a choice to make the woman consumer feel superior or that she would not do such stuff herself.

    I would say that it is a betrayal of women and girls in the sex trade, especially if those women on the Left dare to claim to be feminists.

    I think many women on the Left that back the sex trade are naive, and often do not know the reality of the pain, degradation and trauma that it involves.
    I think most women on the Left are prepare to listen and learn from exited prostituted women, and often rethink their views.
    Sadly, this is rarely true with men on the Left.

    If women choose to buy or sell prostitutes, then I have no words to say, coz it makes me so furious.
    Especially if they have the hypocrisy to make it out to be Left-wing somehow, when it the most capitalist style of life I know.

    I know that far too many women are pimps or managers, and that puts a chill into my heart.

    But, for the most part it is men who are the main market and consumers – so that is why they are my main focus.


  2. Grace is using the tried and tested tactic of using women as a shield for men’s misdeeds. It’s all about distraction.

    Like Rmott says, her post was about men on the Left, their consumption of women, their defense of an industry that degrades and destroys women. So what do you say about those men Grace? Instead of firing questions, let’s hear your opinion.


  3. Excellent post, Rebecca.

    I’m bewildered as to how Grace could read this powerful and important post, and come up with a bizarre and silly question like that, without *any* comment on what Rebecca has said and revealed to us. It strikes me as unfeeling. Grace, I suggest you read more widely on this blog before you comment again.

    But I’ll answer anyway with two points:
    1) Men are by far the biggest users of the pornstitution ‘industry’ and to suggest that women ‘take advantage of [the ‘industry’] as much as men do’ is in itself ludicrous,


    2) Women exploiting women in the sex ‘industry’ is equally unconscionable and unacceptable. Why do people so often think that we’re going to change the rules of human decency when they say ‘oh what about the women who consume porn?’ How would *that* take away Rebecca’s torture, or the torture of any girl or women in the ‘industry’?


  4. Excellent post but i am horrified to find out that the ones who defend prostitution are men from the LEFT,in the First World.Now i see how it is difficult to fight prostitution in Europe,USA and Canada.

    In my country(Brasil),prostitution is seing as a social problem,caused by the lack of jobs and sexual traffick is crime.Many6 symphatise with them and there are some catholic projects to help tehm to go out that.Traffickers are arrrested and sometimes killed by the authorities.Rarely people find it normal and when a politician come up with legalization project,s/he is strongly oposed,no matter her/his political position.

    This is the “primitive people” conception of prostitution,i am surprised that the “more desvelopted and more educated” men are far more cruel than the “ignorant barbarians from South America”.


  5. Thank you. What a great post. Andrea Dworkin has a brilliant essay on the Left’s complicity in the oppression of women called (I think) “Woman-Hating Right and Left”. I really recommend it. You give voice to so many of my frustrations. Thanks


  6. This was beautiful, rebecca.

    This post served as a powerful reminder of why it is so important that I speak out against prostitution; even women who I might not think are survivors are indeed around and listening to the pro-prostitution garbage spewed my (so-called) mates.


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