Animals are Cuddly

When I wrote in a previous post, that some tortures are confronted by the Left and some Feminists, I mention how often animal’s rights campaigners use images and words of torture to further their cause.

This technique appears to be very effective in sympathy and the right amount of anger.

But then animals are innocent, animals are cuddly – animals can portrayed as worthy victims.

What would happen if I or other Survivors of the sex trade shows graphic images of the day-to-day tortures in the sex trade.

What if we shown images of murder victims who happen to be women and girls from the sex trade.

I would imagine that would taken off damned fast as offensive – when part of the reason it taken off is because it must not be believed.

I have interested that recently a campaign has started about “crushing” – which is the killing of small/baby animals by crushing them with stiletto shoes.

Of course, this is appalling. It is pornographic imagery, it is unacceptable violence.

But, it is also easy to support the outlawing of that – especially as it is cute animals being killed. It is a kitten, not a locust or a rat.

Where are the horror and huge campaign round the torturing of women and girls in the sex trade.

Why are there so many excuses made for these tortures to continued.

Women and girls in the sex trade are tortured to death on a mass scale, and that continue unnoticed.

It is made that it just a hazard of choosing that lifestyle – women and girls in the sex trade never have the privileged of being seen as innocent victims.

But then, they are not cuddly or cute.

No, it is considered that the vast majority of women and some girls just provoke the men to torture them – and if they do die that is pass off as an accident.

How can it be an accident to sexually torture someone to death.

Unless there is a gun to the man’s head, he does not have any need to fuck, buy, sell, torture, own, strangle, batter or kill any woman or girl – just for sexual thrills.

But, it will go on and on, as long as his violence is made invisible by saying that she deserved it.

I get so angry that the torturing of women and girls in the sex trade is so low a priority in groups that I used to imagine cared about humans rights.

I cannot make women and girls in the sex trade cute and cuddly – but I can demand that their lives count.

3 responses to “Animals are Cuddly

  1. For me the reason why women and girls involved in prostitution and this includes the pornography industry, are seen as ‘provoking,’ inviting or supposedly wanting and needing to be subjected to sexual torture predominantly committed by men is because these women and girls are not seen as human. That ‘right’ is reserved for white, powerful men and they in turn decide which other groups are ‘human’ and therefore worthy of being treated and seen as human with rights, or else they are dehumanised beings who are just sexualised commodities to be used/abused and then discarded.

    Furthermore, images showing the realities of just what violent men inflict on women and girls involved in prostitution and/or pornography are considered ‘too distressing’ for the sensibilities of readers/viewers. But and here is the twist – it is acceptable for pornography to be made and distributed, as is prostitution acceptable because either the women/girls involved supposedly ‘freely chose’ to have men sexually torturing them. Or these women and girls are maschocists who enjoy and want pain and humiliation inflicted on them, or such images are supposedly ‘fantasy’ and not real.

    Bottom line is women and girls involved in prostitution and/or pornography are ‘not human’ hence no human was subjected to callous and sadistic male sexual violence. Have we really evolved that much that we can seriously claim the Romans were barbarians because they indulged in watching human beings being thrust into an arena in order to be killed by wild animals. The Romans saw nothing wrong with this because it was just ‘sport’ or ‘entertainment.’

    We haven’t become a more civilised society rather we have regressed because one group of human beings have had dehumanisation thrust upon them by powerful white men who want to maintain their ‘sexual thrill’ and eroticisation of male sexual violence because no human was tortured!

    Whereas another section of society prefers to ‘bury its head in the sand’ and claim ‘it has nothing to do with me – I don’t buy prostituted women therefore I’m innocent’ or ‘I don’t like/buy porn so it has nothing to do with me.’


  2. Jennifer: You are right in that human=man. Female=temptress/Eve. Nuns tortured pregnant girls in the Magdalene Laundries and stole their babies. The Catholic Church never thought instead to crack down on the boys and men who impregnated them.

    Images of the cost to females of prostitution (including pornography) are not only too distressing, but are themselves pornography. Antiabortionists have a First Amendment right to display images of bloody fetuses/stillborn infants, including in front of schools, but if I displayed an image of a woman who died while illegally aborting, it would be pornography and, at a school, distributing pornography to children, in part because the women in these crime-scene photographs are naked.

    Animal-rights activists rescued an orangutan from a “prostitute village in Borneo.” An entire village. Where human=man, however, the title of the article does not include the prostitutes as “essentially evil.”


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