Some Torture Can Be Spoken of

I have come to realise that the Left and some Feminists are uncomfortable knowing the reality of porn and prostitution. It is too nasty to be spoken or written about.

Don’t speak of the torture that an everyday event in porn and prostitution.

All I want to know why the hell do you turn away.

I get and see endless animal’s rights pictures. Pictures of torture in pornographic detail.

This form of torture is discussed in graphic detail, often becoming sick-making – this is acceptable. It works to get many involved in animal’s welfare.

I have been at Amnesty International meetings. I have seen and read of horrific tortures of people who are considered worthy to be campaigned for.

I was deeply shocked by the tortures of male prisoners in Iraq.

All this and masses more I know and do what I can.

But inside I am screaming.

Where are the masses campaigning against the tortures of women and girls in the sex trade.

All the tortures to animals, political prisoners, and victims of wars are done to women and girls in porn and prostitution – and the vast majority of the Left and too many Feminists turn away.

Imagine any form of torture you can – it will be embedded in porn and prostitution.

Most of the tortures of Iraqi prisoners were just copying hard-core porn.

But it is seen as disgusting when it done to innocent men. It does not matter if women in the sex trade are water-boarded, are crucified whilst sexually tortured.

It cannot matter , for those women are not innocent, they choose to be tortured.

Ok, so women choose to be raped anally with their head in a toilet.

Women choose to be rape so they no longer breathe, for every hole in filled with penises or fists.

Women choose to be fucked by over 20 men a night.

Women choose to be closed in brothels.

Girls choose to be fucked by sex tourists.

Women choose to stand on streets or in windows to be sold.

Women choose to work inside clubs where men touch them up, often to the point of finger-fucking them, men throw objects at them, men get to rape outside the club.

This is just the tip of a huge ice-berg.

But when survivors of the sex trade try to express the reality of experiences, it is shut out.

Don’t be so graphic is a refrain.

Hell, how else can the reality of the sex trade be known. It cannot be made pretty,  just so the Left and some Feminists can walk on by,

It is very ugly.

Ugly to almost fucked to death. Ugly to know many women and girls are murdered by the sex trade and it’s consumers all the time everywhere.

It is ugly to be made into living porn. It is ugly to nothing but 3 holes and 2 hands.

It is ugly to brainwashed to nothing but a fuck-object for any man to masturbate into.

It is ugly to be rape so often that you no longer feel pain. It is ugly to sexually tortured on a regular basis, and not know there is an exit.

Listen, read and hear survivors. Don’t put your preconceived concepts of the sex trade on us – just learn.

I mean I understood a little about torture when I lived with a Chilean student who was tortured by Pinochet’s henchmen. I listen, for I know I was ignorant.

I just wish the Left and some Feminists could realise that are ignorant about the sex trade.

For if you choose to believe that women and girls are not being tortured, because they choose that “lifestyle” –  then you are saying they are sub-humans.

Why is that animals, political prisoners and victims of wars feel pain and degradation – but by some miracle women and girls in the sex trade do not.

Be honest, it is a nonsense. But I hope that nonsense helps you to sleep at night.

For it sure as hell, does nothing to stop that every moment somewhere a woman or girl is being tortured in the name of the sex trade.

7 responses to “Some Torture Can Be Spoken of

  1. The refusal to see women as human beings with dignity and integrity is shocking and unconscionable. The refusal to condemn those who commit such violence against girls and women in the rape industry is equally shocking and unconscionable.

    Wake up, leftists and feminists. Use your conscience instead of seeking popularity.


  2. Over at Alas yesterday or the day before, a woman (I think it was a woman guest blogger), posted a link I’d also seen to an article that said women also like porn. There are *worlds* inside of that statement, “women also like porn.” Women are abused with porn. Women and girls are made into porn while they are being abused. Girls are incested after having been groomed with porn. Women are forced or coerced by husbands and boyfriends to watch porn (and to make it). So, do many women “like porn”? Or do more and more of them feel they have no choice but to “like” it. As to those who have not been abused who “like porn,” they likely have not yet considered what that means to all women, to them as women.

    Sexual abuse, torture and battering of girls and women in or with pornography and prostitution is a *violation of women and girls’ human rights.” It is a CRIME AGAINST GIRLS AND WOMEN, against all humanity really. It is unconscionable that those who use, promote, sell, advertise and make pornography/patronize prostitutes so often refuse to deal honestly with the egregious abuses their choices and advocacy for their choices hide and mask.


  3. Some women do ‘like’ porn but I believe these women believe they will never be subjected to male sexual torture, rather it will be ‘other women’ not them. Then too there is the belief ‘it will never happen to me because pornography is just ‘fantasy or playacting.’ But, sexualised torture of political prisoners or men who are prisoners is seen as sadistic torture, which is why western society and the media hypocritically claimed they were shocked at seeing images of Iraqi men being tortured. Women as a group are still predominantly seen as inferior creatures and always to blame for supposedly causing men to inflict sexual torture on them.

    When slavery was seen as acceptable, some slaves believed slavery was acceptable because at least they had a place to sleep, a male/female owner who was ‘kind’ to them and their lives were supposedly secure because they did not have to worry about surviving in a hostile world. But even though some male/female owners were ‘kind’ it does not obliterate the fact slavery means ownership of another human being, together with the right to treat the slave in whatever way the owner wishes. So, we are back to the power issue again – having power over another human being does give the one having that power, an intense thrill, which of course is what pornography is all about – the eroticisation of male sexual violence against women and girls, as well to a lesser extent eroticisation of male power over other males seen as either ‘feminised males or effeminate males.’

    So, the usual excuse/denial/justification that ‘some women like porn’ does not justify the right of human beings and it is predominantly men, to inflict sexual torture and sexual violence on women and eroticisation of such sexual violence is used to minimalise the extent to which such male sexual violence reinforces ‘the normalisation of how masculinity is constructed.’ Men are taught how and why it is supposedly acceptable for them to mistreat and dehumanise women and those of the left and pseudo feminists refuse to see just how the dominant construction of masculinity ‘naturalises’ male sexual violence against women and upholds a pseudo natural hierarchal order. One wherein men as a group are naturally (sic) superior to women as a group.

    The similarity between slavery and pornography is that both systems are supposedly natural in that some human beings have the ‘innate’ right to own other human beings and/or inflict sexual torture on them because certain groups are inferior or sub-human.

    Slavery, racism and homophobia are now widely condemned but that is because these affect both women and men whereas in pornography it is predominantly women who are the ones subjected to male sexual violence and torture. The same applies to prostitution – since it is overwhelmingly women and girls who are men’s sexualised property. Therefore, pornography and prostitution are not widely seen as a ‘violation of all women’s and girls’ rights because men and boys are not affected to the same extent. Furthermore, when it is a male/males who are the ones shown as being subjected to male sexual violence they are viewed as not ‘real men’ but ‘feminine men.’ Likewise men who buy young men and boys for the purpose of masturbating into them perceive the prostituted males as ‘feminine males.’ No real man (sic) would ever allow himself to give up his supposed sexual autonomy and become a ‘woman.’

    This is what happened to the Iraqi men who were tortured by male US soldiers and a few female soldiers. The Iraqi men were not ‘men’ but ‘feminised others.’ Being perceived as either a woman or a ‘feminised other’ is therefore to be a dehumanised other. Pseudo feminists who are pro-pornography are in fact attempting to imitate male power but they can never achieve this power because they are female not male and their having ‘power’ depends on how far our male-dominated and male-controlled system condones their behaviour. All men, irrespective of their class, race, ethnicity etc. because they are male have more power than women and a woman even though she may be white and of a higher class than a man, this in itself does not give her greater power than the man. A man can if he wishes, commit sexual violence against her and it will depend on how our male-dominant and male-centered society views such an act, women’s views and experiences are still irrelevant.

    That is the difference – how male power operates within our patriarchal society and why male sexual violence against women and children continues to be minimalised/denied or justified.


  4. No real man (sic) would ever allow himself to give up his supposed sexual autonomy and become a ‘woman.’
    That is why people believe men who report rape and other torture.

    From Andrea Dworkin’s Heartbreak: The Political Memoir of a Feminist Militant (hardcover, p. 167): In prison populations and in pornography, the most aggressive rapist was at the top of the social structure. In prison populations gender was created by who got fucked; so, too, in pornography. It amazed me that in pornography the prison was recreated repeatedly as the sexual environment most conducive to the rape of women. The one difference, unbridgeable, intractable, between prisons and pornography was that prisoners were not expected to like being in prison, whereas women were supposed to like each and every abuse suffered in pornography.

    As long as women calling themselves “sex workers” support prostitution in any form and want to legalize it, it’s easier to look to them as experts and support their cause than it is to admit a multitude of men are rapists, much less to confront and combat those men. In the same vein, we cannot convince a majority of people that street harassment is abuse as long as people who insist its harmless can counter with women who find it flattering.


  5. Thanks everyone for intelligent and great support for this very scary to write.

    Laurelin – I wait in vain for the Left and some Feminists to fully support the basis human rights of women and girls in the rape industry.

    Womensspace – It never surprises me that women who often have no experience of what is to inside porn or have porn used to abuse you, should claim some women enjoy porn. That is a privileged and detached point of view.
    It refuses to see that many women are tortured for their pleasure and choice of leisure.
    But to say they are Feminists is a deep insult to the women and girls who have been tortured to make their porn, a deep wound to women and girls that have sexual torture pour into them as men copy porn.

    Jennifer – Though I agree with everything you, I still think it is vital to separate out the violence done to women and girls in the sex trade – to give that as loud a voice as is possible. For it is killing women and girls every day, so there is little time left,

    Macarena – Thanks so much for amazing comment. You are so right about women who back “sex workers” – they want all the violence to be made invisible and that it somehow from a place of respect from men.


  6. The ‘women like porn too’ stuff is totally irrelevant anyway. So what if they do (and I agree with Heart here on the reasons why many women ‘like’ it, btw)? It doesn’t make pornography any less of an abuse of women’s rights on a massive scale.
    It’s meant to distract us from condemning the sexual violence of men against women. We will not be distracted; too much is at stake.


  7. The “women like porn” argument is used to silence women who DON’T like porn. Men love to find women who will be in this camp, and to say, well see she likes it what’s your problem? I’ve actually been in these types of discussions. What always upsets me is how a woman supporting porn, or anything that marginalizes women and is a danger to us, automatically makes any anti-claim invalid. As if the views of one woman should speak for us all.

    It happens to all marginalized ppl. Hetero men, especially white men, like to subordinate minorities with members of their group. They look out for the one woman, black, hispanic, etc who will support their claims and piggery and say “see you’re the idiot, this woman, black, hispanic etc agrees, what’s your problem.”

    I think it’s disgusting! It’s terrible to use one member of a group to silence another. That shouldn’t really be the waythings are. People are different, and won’t always agree, but using a person who agrees with you doesn’t take away from the disagreement. And certainly finding a woman who “likes porn” doesn’t negate the fact that porn and prostitution ARE oppressive, and DO marginalize women.


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