24 Hours Would be Nice

In memory of Andrea Dworkin

I have reading “I Want a 24 Hour Truce During Which There is No Rape”, and it got me thinking what if for 24 hours men could not buy and sell women and girls as their sex toys.

I mean 24 hours where women and girls had a break from being fuck-objects.

That would be nice, well it’s the least men could do.

Say all men stop reading porn, stop looking endlessly for it on the net.

Say all people making porn stop. Stop making women and girls get degraded for their profit. Stop using more and more sexual violence to get even more profit.

Say all men stop going to “gentlemen’s clubs” and have living porn in their laps.

Say the managers of these clubs stop pretending they have a “no touch”, whilst ignoring groping, objects being throw and the rapes going on behind the club. Say these same managers close down their clubs.

Say no man could pick up a street prostitute.

Say no man phones for an escort.

Say no man waste money on phone sex.

Say no man go abroad to fuck underaged girls.

Say no man go window- shopping in Amsterdam.

Say no man think it is ok to buy a woman or girl, and rape her or batter her or kill her. Make him know that is not his right.

Say Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt to name a tiny few, were made bankrupt coz their women-hating crap doesn’t sell.

Say that pornographers and pimps/managers were thrown into prison for violent crimes against women.

Say that many women and girls could speak/scream out the mental and physical damage that porn and prostitution does. Say that are not heard and believe, but it decided that the sex trade must be destroyed coz their lives are too important.

But – I do not live in that world.

I live it a world that spread tons of energy and money washing away the damage of porn and prostitution.

Men are told reading porn it harmless, even that it prevents them from “real” rape and violence.

No matter, that it the majority of porn the women and girls being used to make are being raped, are on the receiveing end of sexual violence. No matter that they are getting real injuries, are being placed into situations of mental abuse.

Hell, why should that matter if it sells and men get a hard-on.

We cannot close sex clubs, we have to let men have choices in their leisure.

Of course, it must only bad apples who violate the strippers, hostesses or lap-dancers.

But these bad apples are an infection.

There are too many words from women, of fingers going into women’s cunts “accidentally”, bottles being thrown at dancers, men choosing to dry-fuck strippers or lap-dancers, women being stalked as they go home, managers “persuading” strippers or lap-dancers to do “real” prostitute as a favour or as an extra.

But men pretend that clubs are safe for women who work there.

Men are made to feel it their right to buy a street prostitute or an escort. How dare anyone even think to deny a man that right.

The right to own another human to do as you say. The right to make sure she cannot say no even if you threaten her life, even as you force to do sex acts that disgust her or injure her. The right to show her that she is nothing but your fuck-toy.

Hell, sounds like slavery to me. But I forget she is paid, so everything must be ok.

Men have the right to go round the world looking for women and girls to fuck and treat like dirt.

It makes them into real men to conquer the world by having their feet on women’s and girl’s throat, as they treat each country as one massive brothel.

Only brothel is too romantic – they treat the world as holes to be fucked.

They fuck Eastern European women coz they have no importance, they fuck Thai girls and lie to themselves that they stopping poverty, they go and stare at women in Amsterdam windows, they go globe-trotting wanting more and more brothels, they make Latin America into their sexual playpen, they go to Africa wanting cheap sex.

Sex tourists destroyed the world one woman, one girl, one boy at the time.

They mostly go unnoticed coz we live in a time that chooses to ignore their violence and pretend it some kind of economic advance.

My dream that pimps/manager/pornographers should seriously punished seemed so far away.

Now, they can laugh at the damage they spread throughtout the world.

What does it matters if their goods are raped, battered, tortured or murdered. It cannot matter, for there are plenty of women and girls to replace them.

What does it matter if women survive and speak out, for the sex industry can make sure that their word is ridiculed, disbelieved or shown to be be mental illness.

They will not be punnished or not make massive profit.

Every day their existence is spitting in mine and millions of women’s and girl’s face, laughing at our pain.

This is my real world.

Christ, it would so nice to have a 24 hour break from all that shit.

4 responses to “24 Hours Would be Nice

  1. And wouldn’t they think they were so noble for the sacrifice. [/cynicism]

    It would be a wonderful day, indeed. Thank you for the post, Rebecca, just imagining a time when *women* would demand such thing seems like a pipe dream, let alone men, but what a dream…


  2. 24 hours without rape- maybe that would convince people that rape is not inevitable, that the sex trade is not a necessity, that women are human.


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