Demand Change

Tomorrow I am going to the launch of the Demand Change in Westminster, which is demanding that the Nordic model on prostitution is adopted by the British government.

This making it illegal to purchase sex, but decriminalises those who sell sex.

Although, I personally believe in the abolition of prostitution as is is a blatant abuse of the human rights of those who are prostituted, especially women and girls. I do think the Nordic is a massive move towards changing attitudes.

For, if men are made uncomfortable and fearful of having a record for thinking they are entitled to buy women and girls in order to wank into them – then many will not do it.

Many men that buy women and girls are like most bullying cowards.

For they are bullies, and often sadistic bullies.

It is bullying behaviour to think you have the right to own another human being.

It is bullying to rape, to sexually torture, to play life/death games, to strangle, to deep-throat, to gang-rape, to play mind-game with girlfriend experience, to be nice but always have under your control, to see the woman or girl as just for your hands/fists, your mouth, your penis.

Men who pay for sex cannot run away from that they cowards and bullies.

So many of them are cowards, for they are terrified that it would known they go with a prostituted woman or girl.

They do want the law interfering with their right to own women and girls, for them their name will be ridiculed or they may seen as common criminals.

If it so bloody great fucking a prostituted woman or girl, why are the johns so bother that it will be known. Why does the sex trade works so hard at telling johns it will be private.

Why do johns act like criminals hiding in the dark – if it is so ok.

Could it be that they know that much of what they do is criminal – and they are protected by the sex trade hiding their crimes.

For it is illegal to rape. It is illegal to sexually torture. It is illegal to beat up.

All those acts are acceptable in prostitution, and the law turns a blind eye on it.

It is illegal to murder.

But the blind eye refuses to see that.

So, for me and so other women and girls the Nordic model is a damned good start.

For if we start building societies that condemn men for buying other human being just for sex and to have power over them – then all the illegal acts done in the name of prostitution may finally be taken seriously.

Then we can move towards abolition.

3 responses to “Demand Change

  1. It is a very good start. Men have to be held accountable for their crimes against women. Prostitution is one of the most horrendous crimes against women that there is.


  2. When pro-prostitution folks say openness will make prostitution safer they are never referring to openness about who the punters are.

    Best wishes for tomorrow.


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