I am always astonished by how many women seemed to believe in porn is not real.

It is or it must be acting. After all, I not would do that to myself, so no woman would or could it.

Well, lets be frank here, the market for fake porn is small.

Take a look at the “normal” porn-user, and look deeply at his utter dismissal of women as humans.

See in his eyes, imagine he is your boyfriend, your father, your neighbour, your work mate, your teacher, your bus driver, your vicar and on and on until you include men from everywhere.

Porn is built on real pain, real degradation, real diseases, real fear, and real external and internal injuries.

Much of porn is built for consumers who want real rape.

So, for me, it comes of no surprise that many of the “actresses” in porn are either tricked or unwilling. No surprise that a large supply of those actresses come from other aspects of the sex trade.

Much of porn is cheap porn made bandit style.

Girlfriends, flatmates and wives filmed having aggressive sex, only to find it sold and out in the world without their permission.

And the sick bandit style of filming prostituted women being sexually tortured.

Filming gang-rapes is cheap porn. And the cheapest filming the sexual murders for porn.

These are not extreme, these are real. Real women and girls placed into hell, just for the great male wanking.

Men buy porn because they want to see the real pain in the woman’s face.

The male consumer will not be tricked by pretend pain.

If he want double anal, it must degrade her and give her agony. He wants the penis rammed into her throat until she in terror, a bonus if she is sick or faints.

A popular sport in porn is spreading sperm all over her face.

What the hell does have to do with sex for pleasure – it can only be a power-trip for the male consumer.

Remember porn is first and foremost about getting the male consumer to buy more and more; it has nothing to do with sex for the performers.

Sex is a red herring when place inside commercial porn.

It not sex, it having power over women, making women into dirt for the male consumer to hate and place all his negativity onto.

So as someone who was inside porn scenario, it felt and was sexual torture – porn will renamed it as sex. Named as sex, all the pain and degradation is made invisible.

For as long as the male consumer can wank to destruction of women and girls, the market will increase.

So to the women who choose to view porn as “just acting” – don’t dismiss the pain of those real women.

For to do so is to say they are not real women.

5 responses to “Dismissal

  1. Yes indeed. Acting is when actors pretend to have sex and aren’t actually penetrated or don’t penetrate anyone, porn is when it is really done to a person.

    I’ve never understood the “it’s a fantasy” argument. Can’t they see it is real people there in front of them? If it wasn’t real, men wouldn’t buy it, they’d be off somewhere else looking for the real thing.

    I think “It’s a fantasy” stands for “I’m in denial and I’ll use pretense to imagine that real women aren’t being hurt by this”.


  2. Another myth neatly debunked because as you say, Rebecca since when is it ‘acting’ when women in pornography have no option but to endure multiple penises penetrating their every orifices. Likewise the males who avidly consume pornography want not only male sexuality masturbating into female bodies but also eroticised male sexual violence committed against unwilling women and/or girls.

    ‘Fantasy’ is a term used to deny reality because in pornography there is no reality unless it is male-defined, male-controlled and male-dominanted. Likewise there is no feminist, lesbian or homosexual pornography – just images of powerful individuals committing male-defined eroticised acts of sexual violence and sexual degradation on others who are termed ‘dehumanised beings.’ It is called domination and subordination – not ‘fantasy’ not ‘fun’ but serial sexual sadistic torture which is filmed and sold to men because they need constant evidence of just how ‘powerful’ they really are.


  3. They don’t believe it’s real because they don’t believe that women are human, or they believe that whatever men do to women, women want. They do not care about survival strategies, about the realities, they do not think. As Delphyne says, it’s denial.

    This so much speaks to my experience of porn that I have tears in my eyes right now. Thank you for expressing it so clearly.


  4. It beats me just how many on the left seem to assume that pornographers operate in a different cosmos than other capitalists? The “critical political economy approach” (to media) is a widely accepted leftie analysis of ideology, hegemony and media which critiques the politics of production in all other forms of mass media— although appears to give pornography a free pass. Obviously, we need to analyse pornography not as sex, or as “fantasy” but as media. Capitalist woman-hating media.


  5. “Acting is when actors pretend to have sex and aren’t actually penetrated or don’t penetrate anyone, porn is when it is really done to a person.”

    In mainstream film, the intercourse is (usually) faked, but the rest of it (kissing, touching) isn’t, and it’s porn too. Not as nasty, but still over the line.

    And so many people are in denial. As if people on-screen aren’t real. It makes me so angry.


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