Human Rights Not For Us

Dedicated to Feminamist, for her post “The Not Universal Declaration of Human Rights” on her blog “Din of Inequity”.

Every time I think the reach of porn can no longer shock me, there is always something that sicken me.

There it was on one of Larry Flint’s endless websites, his backing of the Human Rights Declaration. God, he so cares.

Cares as he supplies constant images of women and girls for men to wank to. Cares as he supplies access to brothels for men to be as violent as they wish. Cares as he makes jokes of raping young girls, raping women of every ethic minorities.

Larry Flint is a bastion of human rights, especially if you a man who thinks humans consists of your entitlement to buy and sell women and girls for your orgasm.

Lets look at some basic human rights and see why the majority of prostituted women and girls are excluded from them.

Well, in theory we are “born free”.

But pimps, managers and johns don’t give a damn about that freedom.

Each day that a woman and girl is in prostitution, the freedom she was born into is eroded.

And there are some girls from many backgrounds and cultures, that have known nothing but sexual violence and coercion. These girls know nothing but their role as a “whore”.

There is no freedom in that.

“The right to dignity”, that is a dream that far too prostituted women and girls cannot even dream about.

Where the hell is the dignity in being a fuck-toy for any and every man who buys her. Where is the dignity of torture sexually, mentally and psychically so those men can have their precious orgasm.

Where is the dignity in being sold by pimps/managers as bags of sugar. Where is the dignity in being move around from country to country, from one city to another city, from one kind of sexual exploitation to yet more sexual exploitation.

Tell is there dignity in being “three holes and two hands”.

When I see the “right of dignity”, I continually reminded that prostitutes women and girls are not considered full humans, for they have no right to a dignified life.

“The right to freedom and safety”, that is a sick joke to far too many prostituted women and girls.

To be frank, I cannot cope with that, coz in the sex trade it tortured upside down.

It has become the right of johns to treat prostituted women and girls with as much violence as he can imagine. It is his choice and “right” to not use violence.

The prostituted woman or girl has no say in her her body is used.

She is just goods, her views and words have no relevance. After all a car does not complain if it’s owner uses it for banger races.

Many prostituted women and girls are sold and brought because they will be beaten up, sexually tortured, brought close to death and even murdered.

All it is called is a “specialise market”, so that’s ok then.

Hell, Larry Flint wallowed in the profit he makes from ignoring the safety and freedom of women and girls in the sex trade.

“The right not to be enslaved”, another joke for too many prostituted women and girls.

Is it not enslavement to be brought and sold. Is it not enslavement to be close off from the outside world. Is it not enslavement to have no say whether your mind and body is raped, tortured and treated like you are worth less than the shit in a sewer.

But I am forgetting prostituted women and girls are fully human, so it does not count.

“The right to privacy”, another dream for many prostituted women and girls.

There is no privacy when your sexual organs are rented out to be fucked over and over and over and over.

All that is left is the remnants of a war inside the prostituted woman and girl’s most private parts. She cannot own her own cunt, her own hands, her own mouth, her own anus – how the hell can she reach the luxury of having privacy.

She cannot be private, when she must be open for any man’s use.

She has no privacy if he chooses to film and spread her image where ever he can. He can choose to make her into porn, there no privacy there.

He can choose to pass around other men. Choose to expose her when she is not working.

He  chooses what is private and what is placed in the public sphere.

The john, the pimp and the manager control and manipulate the “privacy” of the prostitute – she can only gain privacy if it suits their access to power.

But, of course part of the manipulation is to convince the individual prostituted woman or girl that she choose to “lose” her privacy.

That makes her liberated.

“The right to legal protection”, usually as long as it does interferes too much with the supply of fuck objects that men must have.

Better to than say it is “private” and the state should not get involved.

Strange how prostitution suddenly becomes a “private matter” when anything get slightly close to questioning the buying and selling of women and girls for men to fuck.

“The right to think what you want”. Ha, not with brainwashing that is common in prostitution.

Free thought comes about with access to many views, access to a variety of information.

Free thought comes a place of safety, safe enough for the mind not to blank out the reality of the world it is in.

How can a prostituted woman and girl have the freedom to think in a free manner, when all information tells her she is nothing but a fuck-object, who should just get used to violence being a norm.

Who would not in that situation switch off their minds, for free thoughts in that environment can and does kill you.

“The right to a decent standard of living”. Another goddamn joke.

Money can be a sickness in the world of prostitution.

If men choose to pay lots, they can owned you body and soul. Many of the most extreme violence I survived was from johns who paid too much.

They knew I would not say of their t0rtures, not say of their hate – I knew I was owned. I knew I had no rights.

Then the sex trade often “steal” money from prostituted women and girls.

The vast majority of prostituted women and girls are underpaid or have the money taken from them.

Many young girls who are prostituted do know they have the right to be paid – they do it for a bed not to go home, do it for free drinks, do for access to drugs, do coz they think they are loved.

Many girls are sold for a profit and never see a penny.

I still hate money sometimes.

That is just a few way that Human Rights have no relevance to prostituted women and girls.

It part of my war to say that this is a basic wrong

2 responses to “Human Rights Not For Us

  1. Thank you so much for this passionate post, Rebecca. It is so powerful to hear from you exactly how the Declaration has shafted you personally. It is a bitter joke 😦 The pure, unadulterated hypocrisy and blatant, bald-faced dishonesty in the posting of that vid on the Hustler blog is almost too much to bear.


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